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  1. 1. How does the opening of Frenzy differ from the opening of The Lodger? Feel free to rewatch the clip from The Lodger (Daily Dose #2) for comparison. In The Lodger, the victim leads us to the crowd and then to the press. In Frenzy, it is reversed. We see the speaker, then the press, then the crowd, then the victim. 2. What are some of the common Hitchcock touches that you see in this opening scene? Be specific. We are going, again, from wide to tight. The broad expanse of London, like the broad expanse of St. Moritz, are squeezed down to as small an image as possible. While we are doing t
  2. Based on the opening sequence alone, what do you feel you already know about Marnie as a character? In what ways does Hitchcock visually reveal her character through her interaction with objects. She uses things, consumes them. New clothes in, old clothes out. Money in. The old purse is merely a container. She tosses aside an identity and chooses a new one. Her hair color is rinsed away. The vestiges of her old life are abandoned in a train station locker. She only keeps things for as long as they are useful. How does Hitchcock use Bernard Herrmann's score in this scene? The phrasi
  3. In what ways does this opening scene seem more appropriate to a romantic comedy than a “horror of the apocalypse” film? What do we learn about Melanie (Tippi Hedren) and Mitch (Rod Taylor) in this scene? Other than the birds circling over the square, this is a rather light scene. Mitch mistakes Melanie for a sales clerk and she decides to toy with him. His request for love birds is filled with innuendo. She tries to snow him, which Mitch and the audience see through quickly. Melanie knows very little about birds. How does Hitchcock use sound design in this opening sequence? For exampl
  4. Psycho opens with title design by Saul Bass and music by Bernard Herrmann. This is their third collaboration for Hitchcock, including Vertigoand North by Northwest. How does the graphic design and the score introduce the main themes of this film? Between the score and the graphics, I feel like things are being torn apart, cut. Some things are hidden and become revealed. The words "Psycho" and "Alfred Hitchcock" become distorted after they are revealed. Everyone has a secret which gets revealed. Some are more shocking than others. As the titles end, we have three shots of Phoenix, Ariz
  5. Even at the level of the dialogue, this film is playing with the idea that two Hollywood stars are flirting with each other (e.g. the line, "I look vaguely familiar.") How does our pre-existing knowledge of these stars function to create meaning in this scene. Cary Grant is pure style and class. I don't have a good feel for Eva Marie Saint. The give and take between the two is remarkable. Grant's character is on the run, but Saint's character here is on the hunt. Perhaps the scene is putting their public personas in sharp contrast to their characters. There is minimal action in this s
  6. Describe what you think this film will be about simply from the sounds and images in these opening credits. Even if you have seen the film, try to focus on these sounds and images themselves and "the story" (or if not "the story," the mood and atmosphere they are establishing) that this sequence is communicating to the audience. This is a journey into the mind. We see Kim Novak's cheek, then mouth, then both eyes. They show concern and anxiety. Then, we focus on one eye. We see color. We get the spirals, that spin and move in and out. The music is in arpegios, punctuated by stronger notes.
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