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  1. I like everyone ideas. I agree that Hitch would have a hard time with the "movie milieu" today. But being such an avant guarde person and so willing to take the risk, and given that he enjoyed making movies and making us "feel", I would like to think he would be making great movies still. It is fun to imagine how Hitchcock would twist a sci fi/cyber punk thriller, with great chase scenes into a polished thriller/ psycho killer/ suspense masterpiece. I would love to see a collaboration between Hitchcock and Simon Pegg, or Tim Burton. I think that music by Stewart Copeland, Danny Elfman, Moby, or Serj Tankian would make for an interesting Hitchcock soundtrack. Costume designs by Erdem, Balmain's Olivier Rousteing, John Galliano would be fabulous in adaptations of William Gibson, Carl Hiaasen, Storm Constantine, or even Elmore Leonard. And Carrie Anne Moss, Milla Jovovich, Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton or Joan Cusack sporting Erdem, or Comme Des Garcon would make great spies/ or mystery women or deranged relatives. As for leading men I could see Edward Norton as the suave killer next door, or in a remake of Dial M for Murder, I think he would even be good as the cop. I can see Clive Owen as a peeping tom type, Christian Bale as "the wrong" man. I can only imagine...
  2. This class was awesome and I am happy to have had the opportunity to take it. What strikes me the most about Hitchcock, the "chase", the juxtaposition, the anti....ci....pation, the colorful worlds of quirky characters, the unreliability of witnesses and crowds, the inept police, the black humour, the "double" , mental health, what I call the "wait...what??" factor, can all be seen, a la Hitchcock, in the following films/ locations/ books : Purple Noon Body double Drowning Mona Primal Fear Throw momma from the train Wild Things American Perfekt locations: Manderley Bar books: some of Christopher Moore's books (everyday people in very extraordinary/ supernatural circumstances, chassers being chased) the ice harvest, book and movie
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