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  1. Daily Dose #16 "Funny Girl" Story of Fanny Brice aka Fania Borach born 1891 ...died 1951 ...famous for her character Baby Snooks Soon as I read Baby Snooks I instantly thought of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" 1962 starring Bette Davis & Joan Crawford The old lady (Davis) dressed as a has-been child star Baby Snooks singing "I Wrote A Letter to Daddy" is hard to ever forget & Fanny Brice was on radio & 45 years old when she did the Baby Snooks Show & (Wiki) said she insisted on dressing up as a child Brice in was in the Zeigfeld Follies of 1921 & looks like she had a rocky first marriage to a thief, liar, scoundrel, con man & swindler ...multiple marriages & this given more meaning to the song Barbara Streisand sing in the clip for today's daily dose "People Who need People" the lecture said this song was not written for Streisand & she was not first choice for the role of Fanny Brice...I think many people believe this song was written for Streisand b/c she certainly made it her own...I thought it was written for her The clip opens w/ Streisand (Brice) & Omar Sharif (Nicky Arnstein)conversing about relationships...'I like to be free' he says to her...'we travel single' she says to him Are they happy? Are they lucky? 'half not a whole' she sings' In real life they do marry & then he runs away from the law & the relationship breakdown of Brice's personal life The song is sad & lonely & in some cases apparently realistic...choosing the wrong mate can only lead to unhappiness The colors in the clip scene are sepia toned soft browns & beautiful to look at..the old posters on the walls & Joe's Barber Shop...looked like hair cuts were .10 cents but I could only see part of it
  2. Don't Knock the Twist 1962 & Rear Window 1954 The actress Georgine Darcy played in both these movies In "Rear Window" she was "Miss Torso" & in "Don't Knock the Twist" she was Madge Albright & could she dance!!! Yes she could!!! According to (Wiki) Hitchcock told her to go to Europe & study Chekhov & she would become a star ...she thought he was kidding & did not go
  3. Show Boat movies The early version/s '29 '36 & 51 I'm mainly commenting on the "Ol' Man River " song/s Paul Robeson '36...read on (Wiki) years ago that he was a lawyer & William Wakeful '51 color version...I"m glad both of these were made it makes for a fine contrast in films & a person could write an essay on just contrasting these two versions I just wanted to note them here...gives me chills on my arms to hear these versions of "Ol Man River" If I have an opportunity to watch both films I may come back here & add in a few items The secondary characters in the '36 films are delightful
  4. Daily Dose #15 "My Fair Lady" 1964 Players/actors... Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison) as Higgins My she is all decked out in red velvet & gaudy jewelry...she does look like royalty from long ago In the clip she has an emotional breakdown beats her hands on the furniture & cries her heart out...then here comes silly ol' Higgins who is not prepared for this unexpected outburst...he had played w/ another persons emotions & yes Eliza does want to better herself to rise up from selling flowers on the street to becoming a shop girl selling flowers indoors...she thinks a more refined accent will boost her up in society...nothing wrong w/that Gaslight in comparison to My Fair Lady...well let me say (Ingrid Bergman) Paula does have a deep accent in this movie & the movie is not about accents...it is about a low scoundrel con man out to steal & using a women...he tries to make her think she is going crazy & almost succeeds...she has a background that might make her seem like she is going crazy that is not her fault really...what a despicable character is Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer) Not sure how these movies relate to each other as directed by Cukor...I would have to look at both movies back to back & compare...just stands out that Eliza & Paula were both being used by men for different reasons...ego & greed I'm glad to see Eliza throw the shoes at Higgins...she would have done this before she changed I think....so this indicates that she has not lost all of herself She has been forever changed by education & rich people paying attention her b/c they believe she is royalty Nobody can ever take her education away from her...she will have it forever This movie reminds me of the "Lady for a Day" movie or "Apple Annie" now that is sad...what happens when one is not a lady anymore?...what happens to Apple Annie? Was it Barbara Stanwyck who looks through a window at her daughter marrying a rich man?..she would not go in & embarrass her daughter...sad
  5. Daily Dose #14 Robert Preston as actor in "Music Man" 1962 & "Victor Victoria" 1982 About seeing Preston in other movies...i have probably watched a lot of those he was in after I checked the list but cannot remember a specific character ...I do remember him in Victor Victoria...hard to forget that one!!! The reason being that I was younger then & the movie was so different than any other I had watched. I'll start my comments for this DD w/ Victor Victoria b/c I remember it so well. A sad little luv story w/a happy ending...I was glad it ended the way it did...it was so sweet James Garner & Julile Andrews were very popular then & everybody knows who they are Blake Edwards was married to Julie Andrews then...wonder if she really had to audition for that part? She was so good in "The Sound of Music" by the way & such good songs NOTE: I had Glee Club in high school (long time ago) ? & I want to mention that we sang many, many of these songs I'm hearing in these musicals...boo hoo...bittersweet memories for me Anyway, back to the subject/topic...Julie Andrews said she watched a 1935 movie: "First A Girl" to prepare for her role as Victoria Grant/Count Victor Grazinski & the movie is a re-make from the German film: Vikor und Vikoria (Wiki)...also, Peter Sellers who died in 1980 was the first choice to play "Toddy" Todd but Preston stepped in Luv triumphs over everything else in this sweet charming movie musical The clip chosen for the DD has Preston/Todd ducking punches... so some people want to hit him but they miss every time (in the clip) he continues along his merry way & the film ends happily "Music Man" Here Preston as the Flim Flam Man...he is good in this one A note about what he wears...the same belted style suit coat as Jack Buchanan/Jeffrey Cordova in "The Band Wagon" ...same designer maybe or just the style of that era...looks very British to my eye Preston through song "Ya Got Trouble" provides a dire parental warning to his audience on the streets of River City Iowa...trouble, trouble, trouble is on its way through pool playing...the kids might start using phrases like 'swell' & 'so's your ol' man'...terrible!!! They would die to hear what kids say now days!!! & their parents too ? The "Think System" comes into play in the movie where by one only has to think repeatedly of musical notes & just know how to instantly play it...if only that were true I won't comment about the movie in a summary that is going outside of the clip & I have already done that a bit The scary words 'Devil's Tool' is mentioned in the song Preston sings in the clip...yes trouble X3 is on its way in the pool hall in River City Iowa...it must be true..the parents almost hit a child in the audience...this provides humor as everything he sings about is shown in the audience watching him sing about the evils there...this is a good way to quickly illustrate what he sings about...I like that about this clip
  6. Daily Dose #13 "Gypsy" 1962 Firstly, Mama Rose (Rosalind Russell) performs her over the top acting style much like she did in the 1958 movie "Auntie Mame"...she is most definitely a 'stage mother' pushing her children into show biz Children will go along w/ things for awhile until they tire of it as this movie will illustrate I believe Judy Garland had a 'stage mother' who pushed her...I read that somewhere or heard it somewhere (research required on my part) Poor Herbie (Karl Malden) he can never win working w/ kids & their 'stage mothers' ...they all want their own kids to win...it's the same today w/ little league...look how many fights break out on the little league fields...my opinion Baby June & Company...&....Mama Rose...never forget about Mama Rose b/c she will always be there in the background as a 'stage mother' until her kids outgrow their parts...she will be there shouting & promoting her kids 'she's ready for the big time'....'if they only had first class management' Elks...sounds like George has 'fixed' the contest...what more can be said about that...Mama Rose threatens to take it to the newspapers if the contest is 'rigged' & poor Herbie quits & lets George deal w/ it...who can blame him? Get out while you can Herbie...run for your life before a 'stage mother' gets her hands on you!!! The song Baby June( Suzanne Cupito)? sings...well there isn't much of it "Let Me Entertain You"...no comment on this except to say she is at a cutie age & innocent ...Moma Rose adds in...'every little movement has a meaning all its own'...Moma Rose ...knows
  7. Daily Dose #12 "An American in Paris" 1951 The main players ...Gene Kelly (Jerry Mulligan) ... Leslie Caron (Lisa Bouvier) & Nina Foch (Milo Roberts) Jerry is fast walking along a Paris street & appears to be enjoying his day greeting fellow painters along his way He is a poor GI who decided to remain in France after his service is complete & the war is over...he tries is hand at painting b/c it is Paris & looks like everyone is a painter/artist...everyone wants to go to Paris & paint...is it any wonder that nobody can sell their work? Too much of something has no value The "third year girl" who Jerry has a tiff w/ must be on a scholarship or have money...her parents money most likely ...she is a bit rude to offer an unwanted critique of someone else's work...who would do that? Nobody just goes up & starts to attack ...er...critique the hard work of another painter...Jerry is older & knows this very well...he would not do it & that is why he is upset Nina Foch (Milo Roberts) is certainly older though she is a handsome woman & knows what she wants ....she likes Jerry...shortly thereafter she finds out that Jerry is not to be bought & that shows great character on his part The same may be said for Lisa (Caron)...she feels obligated to marry someone she does not love b/c he saved her from a terrible fate & maybe saved her very life...this is where the conflict comes in...the wretched reality of marrying someone you do not love & will never love...she knows she will only love Jerry as soon as they meet & he will likewise only love her...this is the movie plot...conflict is in the middle ...something comes along to separate the lovers then it is always resolved before the book or movie ends..this is a love story set to music The dance sequences of Lisa/Caron are beautiful & of course shows her at her best...the color & her ability to do the splits...lovely...Kelly's ballet style is always present in the dance routines The fantasy routine is blue & misty & sultry...dark & lovely...will they marry others? Will it work out for them to marry each other? The beautiful simulated rainbow arches & partial silhouettes keep us guessing...sort of In the end Lisa & Jerry do marry for love ...not money
  8. Daily Dose #11 "Singin' in the Rain" 1952 MGM Arthur Freed (Freed unit)? Pre-dance moves...um...never heard of that...it is clear here what it means & the routine is funny...the poor professor is the joke in this clip "Moses Supposes" The big red over sized mouth & lips stressing the A ...E...I...O...U vowels sounds on the wall...luv it!!! I'll watch this again & again...the clip ... & it makes me want to re-watch the movie I like Gene Kelly although I have read in various places that when Gene was good he was very very good & when Gene was bad he was very very bad...as in if he liked YOU it was great & if he did not like YOU it was not so great I do luv to watch him dance & his partner Donald O'Conner was right in step w/Kelly as he should be... I like the way Kelly rolls his "Rs" while O'Connor makes funny faces behind the poor professors face & after the dance is over... they trash out the poor professor & wreck the room..bad boys who can dance & sing & dream & if they want to they can ...sing in the rain
  9. Show Boat movies The early version/s '29 '36 & 51 I'm mainly commenting on the "Ol' Man River " song/s Paul Robeson '36...read on (Wiki) years ago that he was a lawyer & William Wakeful '51 color version...I"m glad both of these were made it makes for a fine contrast in films & a person could write an essay on just contrasting these two versions I just wanted to note them here...gives me chills on my arms to hear these versions of "Ol Man River" If I have an opportunity to watch both films I may come back here & add in a few items The secondary characters in the '36 films are delightful
  10. Daily Dose #10 "Calamity Jane" 1953 This female lead part was considered 'juicy' for any female who could get it I have read...singing...dancing...acting...showing off their talent & it's a wonder this money maker was ever made but yes it would make money & that is why the people involved tried several actor/actresses ...they wanted the money!!! Barbaby Stanwick made "Annie Get Your Gun" & then the idea for this one came along & they jumped on it Going through several actresses b/c of crazy substance abusing directors (Busby)...it is not acceptable to yell at anyone much less actors...some directors are monsters & should be fired & never re-hired...then & now...glad he was replaced Judy Garland was probably unable to work every day & needed a day to re-cover...as in working every other day...guess that was not available then & not now either...looks like they could have done other scenes/ parts & let her rest in-between if they had really wanted her...but that's not how it was done then Betty Garrett was considered for this movie also (Wiki)...she could have done this too after proving her ability in "On the Town" & other ones we have watched in this series Betty Hutton stepped in...i don't know much about this actress but she did her job well & the movie had a new director by this time Marlyn Monroe was considered for these types of films(Wiki) she did more than act dumb & be pretty...a few of her movies were different for example: "Asphalt Jungle" '50..."Don't Bother to Knock" '52..."Niagara" '53 & The Misfits" '61...she really wanted a career in show business as illustrated by how much cosmetic surgeries she is said to have undergone when this type of surgery was dangerous & not common as breathing as it is these days...she fell though Doris Day did a few odd movies too: Hitchcock's "Man Who Knew Too Much" '56 where she sang her iconic song" "Que Sera Sera"...she could act...sing...dance...her film/s: "Midnight Lace" & "Julie" even had her flying & landing a plane!!! I think "Calamity Jane" would not have worked w/ Marilyn Monroe in it b/c of her more sultry look...just my opinion Doris Day handled this part well in her buckskin attire...yes she is in a mans world...dressed as a male...riding horses in trousers...in the clip chosen for this DD Day has a hat/cap that resembles a soldiers cap but it does not have the crossed rifles on the top it has a third thing there..can't see it well on the clip... I like her acrobatics on the coach (is it Day in all those)? not sure...she is great in this scene & after they arrive in town at the Golden Garter theater & hotel... Miller Prop. drinking & gambling saloon... she continues w/ delightful routine hocking her wares...hats & potions...then inside for more singing & dancing & acting & she can certainly handle it The other clip where she cuddles the daffodil then tosses it away is cute where she rides the horse again wearing trousers & has her leg over the saddle horn...we ALL know this is not the proper way to ride & is dangerous if the horse bolts...I wonder they let her do this...any horse might spook at a shadow anytime...just another of my personal comments though it was cute
  11. Daily Dose #9 The Ensemble... "Band Wagon" 1953 The players...(Fred Astaire) Tony Hunter...(Jack Buchanan) Jeffrey Cordova...(Oscar Levant) Lester Morton & (Nanette Fabray) his wife Lily Morton In the DD clip these main players are having fun persuading Tony to join them in their idea of 'putting on a show' using simple choreography so to speak,...I'm sure no dance routine is really simple...they dance close & I enjoy looking at their feet & facial expression...they are 'character' through their attire...e can see who they will be in the movie by looking at how they are dressed...the red flower is lovely on Lily & her poodle style skirt w/out the poodle design...Astair always dapper. They are playful & excited as they encourage Tony that if he will join them in their 'show' it will work out for all of them...I like the acrobatic pyramid they form in the middle of their dance & that is on looooong ladder used as a prop for humor This is like some of the other musicals in this series we are studying where someone is always 'putting on a show'
  12. Daily Dose #8 Petunia & Little Joe My goodness she (Ethel Waters) Petunia is devoted to him isn't she? Gambling...but he (Eddie Anderson) Joe wins & she being a church going woman doesn't want money from gambling so she prays for him to lose. Joe tells Petunia he will buy her a new washing machine...though they have no electricity...he does this & the wringer style machine is on the porch in a scene.He was true to his word about that & he does try to be a good church going man. I like the scene where Petunia sings while gathering in the laundry. This leads to another scene at their countryside home place...the dice playing scene: What I like is the scene w/ Jim Henry & his buddy who owns & operates the music hall tavern Jim Henry's Paradise club (w/loaded dice) again w/ the loaded dice like "Hallelujah" & Chick (Nina Mae McKinney) w/the lucky 7 dice design on her dress...the scene where Petunia gambles...yes now she gambles but not for money but to even things out & she wins...she beats Jim Henry w/ his own trick dice taken away...she fights for what is hers...Little Joe is her man & she intends to keep him even in the afterlife...though it is just a dream b/c they are still alive in real life at the closing of the movie "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe"
  13. Daily Dose #7 My comments may be jumbled up & confusing ...hope not ...here goes "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Frank Sinatra (Ryan) & Betty Garrett (Delwyn)...this is very humorous he runs from her to get away or to not be caught by her literally & she chases him through the building & up the bleachers (Wiki) reported a stunt double being used for the slide down the railing...I guess so..can't damage Frank Sinatra!!! She (Garrett) is pretty in her spring yellow dress...she is spring...I don't know enough about dance to make comments about arm movements & so on...they are not really dancing they are moving to music & it is all but perfect & makes it seem like they are dancing & that is the genius of it... sound matches movement. The actors facial expressions & singing works perfectly...Sinatra not being a professional dancer ...she did catch him...it was fate...FATE Garrett & Sinatra work great together & demonstrated this again in "On the Town" where she once again goes after him full force...it is adorable. In this move"On the Town" Sinatra plays a sailor (Chip) w/one day shore leave & is joined by Gene Kelly (Gabey) & Jules Munshin (Ozzie) & Vera-Ellen (Ivy Smith) aka Miss Turnstiles...Garrett is a cab drives (Hildy) ...Gabey falls in love w/a poster of Miss Turnstiles they get into (Hildy's) cab, go to the museum & the plot & fun begins Once again Garrett chases Sinatra all the while screaming (lightly) that is it FATE! This worked in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" so they did it again...I'm glad they did it again. I like "On the Town" better than "Ballgame" & the 'fantasy' scene w/ Kelly outside the theater is worth watching this movie for...well that & Kelly's ballet training style dancing...he was muscled up but very light & so graceful on his feet for someone w/ all those hidden muscles...he did show off his muscles in the movie w/ Judy Garland "The Pirate" I have read that if Kelly did not like a certain actor/dancer/singer he did not mind having them know it! If he was on their side that was dandy. (Wiki) The car chase in "On the Town" was great when they hid the cab beneath the awning & w/ the big sign...I usually dislike high speed car chases but this one worked ...also prior to this scene the boys (Gabey, Chip & Ozzie) dressing as girls...nuff said A brief mention of Florence Bates (Madame Dilyovska) who likes to drink & spoil the plans for Chip & Miss Turnstiles aka Ivy & ...keep the plot rolling...she turns up in another scene drinking again after the plot is all but finished I will watch this movie again NOTE: Bathing Beauty Red Skelton...he is not my favorite & the clip w/...is that Carlos Ramirez)? sing to Ester Williams? It hurt my ears & I turned the sound off...what can I say...I impossible to watch b/c Skelton is not my favorite...just telling the truth
  14. Daily Dose #6 Judy Garland Yes, the "Wizard of Oz" was the first movie I remember her in & the next would be "Meet Me in St Louis" She was talented in all areas...she could act, sing & dance Wiki reports that "Easter Parade" was the highest grossing musical of 1948 for all involved including the main actor/players...I don't know why but maybe the audience identified with the color & style of it all as a whole Wiki also reported that Gene Kelly was to be the main dancer but broke his ankle playing volleyball & so Fred Astaire, though retired was called in by Kelly...looks like it worked out Since I mentioned Gene Kelly I would like to say how much I like this guys dancing! He is so light on his feet & graceful, I'm sure many women would love to have this lightness & grace in their dance as he did Judy Garland was very cute in Oz & the opening of the movie was wonderful & the dance routine "A Couple of Swells" does show her playful side w/ a bit of sadness...class again...poor & wealthy, a recurring theme in these old musicals for example: "Gold diggers of 33" "In Meet Me in St Louis" Garlands (Esther Smith) connection to the little cutie Margaret O'Brien"Tootie" Smith cannot be beat & they have many memorable scenes together...more than any of the others Garland is so beautiful in that Christmas dress & dance number & when she sings to comfort Tootie framed in the window casing w/ moonlight on the snow...beautiful movie moment & superb directing
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