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  1. Daily Dose #16 "Funny Girl" Story of Fanny Brice aka Fania Borach born 1891 ...died 1951 ...famous for her character Baby Snooks Soon as I read Baby Snooks I instantly thought of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" 1962 starring Bette Davis & Joan Crawford The old lady (Davis) dressed as a has-been child star Baby Snooks singing "I Wrote A Letter to Daddy" is hard to ever forget & Fanny Brice was on radio & 45 years old when she did the Baby Snooks Show & (Wiki) said she insisted on dressing up as a child Brice in was in the Zeigfeld Follies of 1921 & l
  2. Don't Knock the Twist 1962 & Rear Window 1954 The actress Georgine Darcy played in both these movies In "Rear Window" she was "Miss Torso" & in "Don't Knock the Twist" she was Madge Albright & could she dance!!! Yes she could!!! According to (Wiki) Hitchcock told her to go to Europe & study Chekhov & she would become a star ...she thought he was kidding & did not go
  3. Show Boat movies The early version/s '29 '36 & 51 I'm mainly commenting on the "Ol' Man River " song/s Paul Robeson '36...read on (Wiki) years ago that he was a lawyer & William Wakeful '51 color version...I"m glad both of these were made it makes for a fine contrast in films & a person could write an essay on just contrasting these two versions I just wanted to note them here...gives me chills on my arms to hear these versions of "Ol Man River" If I have an opportunity to watch both films I may come back here & add in a few items The secondary ch
  4. Daily Dose #15 "My Fair Lady" 1964 Players/actors... Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison) as Higgins My she is all decked out in red velvet & gaudy jewelry...she does look like royalty from long ago In the clip she has an emotional breakdown beats her hands on the furniture & cries her heart out...then here comes silly ol' Higgins who is not prepared for this unexpected outburst...he had played w/ another persons emotions & yes Eliza does want to better herself to rise up from selling flowers on the street to becoming a shop girl selling flowers indoor
  5. Daily Dose #14 Robert Preston as actor in "Music Man" 1962 & "Victor Victoria" 1982 About seeing Preston in other movies...i have probably watched a lot of those he was in after I checked the list but cannot remember a specific character ...I do remember him in Victor Victoria...hard to forget that one!!! The reason being that I was younger then & the movie was so different than any other I had watched. I'll start my comments for this DD w/ Victor Victoria b/c I remember it so well. A sad little luv story w/a happy ending...I was glad it ended the way it did...it was so swe
  6. Daily Dose #13 "Gypsy" 1962 Firstly, Mama Rose (Rosalind Russell) performs her over the top acting style much like she did in the 1958 movie "Auntie Mame"...she is most definitely a 'stage mother' pushing her children into show biz Children will go along w/ things for awhile until they tire of it as this movie will illustrate I believe Judy Garland had a 'stage mother' who pushed her...I read that somewhere or heard it somewhere (research required on my part) Poor Herbie (Karl Malden) he can never win working w/ kids & their 'stage mothers' ...they all want thei
  7. Daily Dose #12 "An American in Paris" 1951 The main players ...Gene Kelly (Jerry Mulligan) ... Leslie Caron (Lisa Bouvier) & Nina Foch (Milo Roberts) Jerry is fast walking along a Paris street & appears to be enjoying his day greeting fellow painters along his way He is a poor GI who decided to remain in France after his service is complete & the war is over...he tries is hand at painting b/c it is Paris & looks like everyone is a painter/artist...everyone wants to go to Paris & paint...is it any wonder that nobody can sell their work? Too much of some
  8. Daily Dose #11 "Singin' in the Rain" 1952 MGM Arthur Freed (Freed unit)? Pre-dance moves...um...never heard of that...it is clear here what it means & the routine is funny...the poor professor is the joke in this clip "Moses Supposes" The big red over sized mouth & lips stressing the A ...E...I...O...U vowels sounds on the wall...luv it!!! I'll watch this again & again...the clip ... & it makes me want to re-watch the movie I like Gene Kelly although I have read in various places that when Gene was good he was very very good & when Gene was bad h
  9. Show Boat movies The early version/s '29 '36 & 51 I'm mainly commenting on the "Ol' Man River " song/s Paul Robeson '36...read on (Wiki) years ago that he was a lawyer & William Wakeful '51 color version...I"m glad both of these were made it makes for a fine contrast in films & a person could write an essay on just contrasting these two versions I just wanted to note them here...gives me chills on my arms to hear these versions of "Ol Man River" If I have an opportunity to watch both films I may come back here & add in a few items The secondary ch
  10. Daily Dose #10 "Calamity Jane" 1953 This female lead part was considered 'juicy' for any female who could get it I have read...singing...dancing...acting...showing off their talent & it's a wonder this money maker was ever made but yes it would make money & that is why the people involved tried several actor/actresses ...they wanted the money!!! Barbaby Stanwick made "Annie Get Your Gun" & then the idea for this one came along & they jumped on it Going through several actresses b/c of crazy substance abusing directors (Busby)...it is not acceptable to yell at an
  11. Daily Dose #9 The Ensemble... "Band Wagon" 1953 The players...(Fred Astaire) Tony Hunter...(Jack Buchanan) Jeffrey Cordova...(Oscar Levant) Lester Morton & (Nanette Fabray) his wife Lily Morton In the DD clip these main players are having fun persuading Tony to join them in their idea of 'putting on a show' using simple choreography so to speak,...I'm sure no dance routine is really simple...they dance close & I enjoy looking at their feet & facial expression...they are 'character' through their attire...e can see who they will be in the movie by looking at how t
  12. Daily Dose #8 Petunia & Little Joe My goodness she (Ethel Waters) Petunia is devoted to him isn't she? Gambling...but he (Eddie Anderson) Joe wins & she being a church going woman doesn't want money from gambling so she prays for him to lose. Joe tells Petunia he will buy her a new washing machine...though they have no electricity...he does this & the wringer style machine is on the porch in a scene.He was true to his word about that & he does try to be a good church going man. I like the scene where Petunia sings while gathering in the laundry. This leads to a
  13. Daily Dose #7 My comments may be jumbled up & confusing ...hope not ...here goes "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Frank Sinatra (Ryan) & Betty Garrett (Delwyn)...this is very humorous he runs from her to get away or to not be caught by her literally & she chases him through the building & up the bleachers (Wiki) reported a stunt double being used for the slide down the railing...I guess so..can't damage Frank Sinatra!!! She (Garrett) is pretty in her spring yellow dress...she is spring...I don't know enough about dance to make comments about arm movements &am
  14. Daily Dose #6 Judy Garland Yes, the "Wizard of Oz" was the first movie I remember her in & the next would be "Meet Me in St Louis" She was talented in all areas...she could act, sing & dance Wiki reports that "Easter Parade" was the highest grossing musical of 1948 for all involved including the main actor/players...I don't know why but maybe the audience identified with the color & style of it all as a whole Wiki also reported that Gene Kelly was to be the main dancer but broke his ankle playing volleyball & so Fred Astaire, though retired was called in by
  15. Cabin in the Sky movie 1943 Addressing the moonwalk clip I had noticed the moonwalk before in old movies (Probably this movie) then called backsliding the info said...I instantly thought of M Jackson of course as everyone would who follows pop music...I knew when I saw it years ago that it was the same as moonwalk...I was surprised though to see it in the old movies...it has adapted very well to pop looks like...I wonder how many people know it is not original to modern times & pop music? I'm looking forward to re-watching Cabin in the Sky & hope I'm not asleep when it
  16. Daily Dose #5 Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942-43 Waving flags, parades & off to war...I'm sure the laughter ended quickly once they entered war. Hemingway was criticized for glorifying war...this reminds me of the M*A*S*H episode (Depressing News)? where Hawkeye (Alan Alda) builds a monument to stupidity ...build of tongue depressors after the military sent about 5000,000 of them to the medical unit. He then blows it to smithereens to prevent it being used as a recruitment tool by the military. He is saying do not glorify war & send more bodies to be put back together again after being
  17. I don't know enough about tap dancing or any other type of dancing to make an analysis ...but I will make a few notes here about what I watched on the two clips provided for this course featuring Keeler & Powell 42nd street obv has the more catchy song & dance routine...this one stays w/someone forever...nobody will forget 42nd street song & the street scenes along the Avenue are a jewel of a mini movie in itself...even the horse & wooden Indian are dancing!!! 42nd street song & dance routine deserved the nominations & awards it won...it makes even the
  18. Gold diggers of 33 Cast: Warren William (Lawrence Bradford)...Joan Blondell (Carol King)...Aline MacMahon (Trixie Lorraine)...Ruby Keeler (Polly Parker)...Dick Powell Brad Roberts & Treat Bradford)...Guy Kibbee (Fanuel H. Peaboby I not doing a summary & assume people have watched this movie already Just a few comments on what I liked about this movie other than the closing song & everyone comments about that b/c it is so good: "Remember My Forgotten Man" sung by: Etta Moten & Joan Blonell I was so glad to see the poor working girls hook up w/ the lonely s
  19. Daily Dose #4 Top Hat 1935 I like their matching attire...I have not watched the movie so I don't know why she is wearing a riding habit...guess she had been riding I agree with a few comments on here that Astire/Travers is making an attempt to control this scene situation completely ...they dance tightly together & he holds her for this tight effect so they will move as one..I'm no expert on dance moves ? he is attempting to persuade her & we all know Rodges/Tremont will decide how this situation ends...to me this is absolutely the battle of the sexes...he makes an attempt
  20. Hallelujah 1929 MGM pre-code King Vidor's first sound movie Nominated for Oscar ...National Film Registry & Library of Congress selection Vidor was required to put up his own money to make this risky movie...risky due to its subject matter (wiki) MGM was last major studio to equip for sound & use post-synch for editing (Film Reference) I wonder if the G' night scenes were copied for the Waltons TV series...everyone saying good night that closed out every Waltons eipsode Daniel Hayes (Zeke), Victoria Spivey (Missy Rose), Nina McKinney (Chick) William
  21. Daily Dose #3 Love Parade 1929 1929 is a long time ago & this is the first "talkie" for Lubitsch (wiki) after he appeared in 30 movies as an actor'it looks like he preferred directing to acting. He did escapist comedies & formed his own production company so it worked out for him. For this movie I read on wiki that he built two sets w/off camera orchestra & switched back & forth recording simultaneously for editing purposes ...this technique he invented making this movie. Directors & lighting directors & camera operators have to design their own machines to f
  22. Daily Dose #2 Rose Marie film Addressing the module clip...had to watch this film clip on Youtube this time of day it buffers way too much for me to see it in the module...don't know what is going on w/ that ... my signal is faster in the wee hours Anyway, here is what I saw in the clip according to me...he (Eddy) the Mountie wants the gal (MacDonald) Rose Marie...he sings/talks his attributes & she listens without much interruption & smiles a bit here & there...at least she doesn't jump from the canoe She really has big pretty eyes in the moonlight...in the canoe w/
  23. This 1936 version of Broadway Meledy...a few notes on highlights that I found humorous & this assumes people have already watched this movie...this is not a true summary Snoring dialogue turns up in two separate scenes w/ the same Professor of snoring providing the humor & he is a good snorer ...this supports the idea of separate sleeping chambers...for all of those people living w/ a ...snorer!!! No further comments from me on this!!! The skylight shadow dancing leads to a rooftop 'breakie' the cute song & tap dance number 'sing for breakfast' w/ (Buddy Ebsen) Ted Bu
  24. Strike Me Pink 1936 I'm new to this movie series starring Eddie Cantor...so funny ...I'll have to watch the others when they turn up on TCM The opening scene where Ed Pink uses a self-help guide book & recording is great for an opening...it caught my attention I'll only hit a few highlights here: The restaurant 'banana split' dialogue is worth watching as well as the alley scene where ED is on his way to the Lido club & his body guard is hilarious w/ falling for his own knock-out drops & then the fake corpse scenes That cute little song on the ferris whee
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