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  1. I'd like some reaction from the students on the decision by Gus Van Sant to do a remake of Psycho (1998). Terrible movie by such a great director. Why would he do a remake using almost the same storyboards as the original? Why not put your own spin on the idea if, in fact, you were going to even attempt another version? Needed the money? Pressure from the studio? I admire Van Sant a lot, but the remake was an awful decision.
  2. You know Marion is going to get "stuffed" because of her name >> "Crane". Norman enjoys stuffing birds. Almost as good as the shower scene is the "clean up" scene right after. Norman is so tidy! Looks like he's done this a time or two. Mother don't play 'dat sh*t. Another signature scene in the picture is the first interview of Norman by Arbogast. Top notch acting by both Balsam and Perkins. Arbogast keeps catching Norman in lie after lie. Norman continues to peck at his little bag of candies. Little does Arbogast know, he'll soon have a big knife planted in his forehead. Is Arb
  3. Very much like the Hawks film. I don't think Hitchcock was big into homages, but if he ever did one, it might have been here. Probably not, though.
  4. Remember, Eve is a spy. It's not just "love" for her at this point. She's working. She's sexy. She's confident. She's working her magic on Roger. Sucking him in. Pun intended. Hitchcock loved the absurd. The sunglasses are hysterical on Thornhill. There's no way they can disguise him. This entire film can be seen as a "Roadrunner cartoon." Hitch does whatever he wants to. The situations he puts Thornhill in keep stacking up, each one more ludicrous than the next. This is a great comedy. The "O" in "R.O.T" could have several meanings. The expression "Oh!". A hole. An open mouth. The la
  5. All of the opening credits are happening inside of Kim Vovak's brain. The swirly things are making us dizzy. Kim Novak's face is beautiful. The last (most powerful) image is Hitchcock's name coming out of Novak's right eye. Hitch is saying, "I am the seer here. I am inside of Madeleine. I control her. I am making Scotty insane. I am controlling you, too. I am hypnotizing everyone because I'm such a killer director." Didn't Bergman copy Hitchcock with the extreme close-up of Liv Ullmann's face in 'Persona'?
  6. No one has 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'? Interesting. Either version? I'm aghast.
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