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  1. Boy, am I glad to see so many others wanting more documentaries!
  2. Best pre-1920s film I've seen. Seriously. (not counting The Great Train Robbery (1903), which is difficult to judge in comparison to 'modern' film).
  3. Pre-code? When what that? What's the code? What happened, now? :-) And yeah, documentaries have definitely resurfaced recently, especially in the public eye. I've seen 7 great or good documentaries from the last 2 years alone.
  4. I agree with path40a. And, saying somebody should be 'ashamed' is not a good way to influence them - though it is a common technique, unfortunately. I'm also annoyed by having to log in every time and go through 5 pages to do it, but I understand TCM's limited revenue and love what they put out on the channel. I use other, better WEBSITES to discuss classic film.
  5. A while ago, I joined the ranks of TCM fans who asked for more silent films to be shown. The December schedule excites me in that regard. I'd now like to request that more documentaries be shown on TCM. So far, I've noticed very few docs (except for actor/filmmaker profiles) on TCM's schedule (fewer than five in as many months). But, for example, how about showing classic documentaries like the following: Prelude to War (1943) The Sorrow and the Pity (1969) The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) Millhouse (1971) Man of Aran (1934) Hearts and Minds (1974) Titicut Follies (1967) Sale
  6. I just noticed an unusually high population of silent films for the December schedule - and some of them even during prime time (or close to it). Thanks, TCM! I especially love it when TCM shows silents unavailable on DVD that I can't just get from Netflix.
  7. Yeah, I didn't think it was going to be that easy. I'll have to call up the 'ol ConeZone...
  8. Grrr... I hate that TCM makes me log in again every time I return - can't it just remember me through a cookie? It's login process takes forever. It's hard for me to remember, exactly, because it was so short and faster and unexpected. The shot was stationary. The background was mostly black, but it looked like he was in a room of some kind. The devil was thin and had a cape and some kind of mask with, perhaps, some short horns. He looked forward, toward the camera, and grabbed the edges of his cape, then walked back and forth (right to left and back again) in the shot. And that was it.
  9. Yes, that was the title that jumped out at me, too. I can't find any images to confirm, but once I see the movie I'll know whether or not the footage was from that particular film.
  10. Anyone watch Conan tonight? They showed some footage of a silent featuring a man in a 'devil' suit spreading his cloak and walking back and forth. Does anyone know what film that footage is from? Conan also played it on an earlier show (he played it again tonight because he loves it so much).
  11. WOW! Judex is fantastic! Best pre-1920s film I've ever seen, and I really liked Birth of a Nation. Can't wait to see the rest. Seriously, TCM, do you have to spread it out over the length of an ENTIRE month??? You DO love to torture us...
  12. 1. List the shorts played on the schedule!!!!!! 2. Allow your forum username/password to also be used for the 'schedule' sections of the site, so you can set it up to remember what time zone you're in and display the schedule times accordingly. 3. Allow your browser to automatically recognize you when you return to the site, instead of having to enter your password again every single time (at least, this is how it works using my browser of choice - Opera).
  13. The fantastic minds that have identified nearly all the films in '100 years at the movies' may enjoy this game: http://www.listology.com/content_show.cfm/content_id.13352 And again, AMAZING work at identifying all those clips!
  14. You're probably thinking of An Evening with Batman and Robin, which was a serial film from 1943. Really, I think serial films have more in common with a TV show or TV miniseries than a typical theatrical film, except, because they predated TV, all the parts WERE shown theatrically. So, not a movie like you're probably thinking of, but that's the only thing I can think of to which you could be referring. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035665/
  15. There was no TCM logo covering my subtitles on Day of Wrath... In any case, aren't you being just a TAD ungrateful? TCM kicks ****. Even if there was a logo, that's certainly a small price to pay for all the quality content TCM delivers. Every other channel I know with 1/4th the quality content runs 10 minutes of full-screen adds evrey half hour! Stop your bitchin' and be grateful for the treat you're getting with TCM.
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