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  1. 1. It feels very smooth and calm. It seems more personal to me. It earlier daily dose actions was fast and chaotic. I really had not noticed this in movies before today. 2. You are close to action but not involved with what is going on. You are curious and can not look away. It is like you have a pair of bincoulars watching the action. 3. There seems to be conflict with a man and a woman. He does close up shots of peoples faces.
  2. 1, There are many activities going on at one time. There are the people in the foreground dancing and laughing. They are people seated around the room laughing and smiling. The scene is controlled chaos. There is one scene where you see what is going on through a mirror. Everyone in this rooms seems to be moving. In contrast to the other room where there is hardly any movement at all. 2. The music is upbeat in the room with all the people in it. It is not upbeat in the second room. We see the main characters point of view even if it is not correct. He is seeing what he is feeling. 3.
  3. 1. The contrast is amazing. In the Lodger everything is chaotic. There are lots of people and many things going on at once. The police officer is talking to a witness. There are people everywhere trying to see what happened. The opening is much darker than Pleasure Garden. The background is dark and when we see the faces they have some light on them. In the Pleasure Garden, it is very bright with a fun feel. There is no fun feel in this opening. Even the newspapers being printed is hectic and chaotic. I am not sure about the style. I did notice both scenes open with a woman being the focus
  4. I see beautiful blondes. I think that is a Hitchcock touch. I do agree there are elements we will see throughout his career. There are the beautiful women in his movies. I think he has a fondness for binoculars and close ups. I do not think there are limitations because it is a silent film. I think because it is a silent movie you have to depend on the actor's expressions and movements to tell the stories. I think you have to pay more attention when you watch a silent movie.
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