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  1. Of course the location, London, the actors british, and the public involvement are in both films. His opening of the traveling the Thames, gives us the great visuals that hitch is known for, taking all of us to places we haven't seen or haven't seen in that view. Public areas for discovery/commission of unexpected events. His openings seem to draw you in, peeping tom like, or unexpected events, or public spaces where bad things can happen. He also likes to set the location early on, gives us info that we need to process the more complex action to happen. Watching kim Novak interview
  2. Of course we know her character is changing and for reasons. The dramatic effect of the hair color from black (the criminal) to blonde (hitch's angel fetish), you expect her, this time, to go as a respectable character in her next ID change. I love the use of color in the objects as well. They all tell a picture. The bags, the items in the bags even the key is colored, to point the ease of bright disappearing. A book could be written on how hitch uses color, details always say something. Her interactions with the objects reflect careful prep and planning. The score is as haunting as ve
  3. This beginning shows the real store keeper who brings a comedic relief to the start, and then the playfulness of tippi pretending to be the store keeper. Mitch seems to know that she isn't knowledgeable about birds, but goes along anyway. Indicating a possible romance. The outside birds seem to be more aggressive than the tame inside birds by sounds only. Hitch walking two dogs as the cameo, reflects his authorship on this film. By this time we the audience looked for him, and by seeing him early leaves us satisfied it's his.
  4. The opening is as annoying as the film. The score is a co author of this film. However, how much I love hitch, I dislike this period and this film. I know it is sentinel work, but I see this film as his decline as well. Commercial success doesn't equate to art. We get the feel of watching porn, dirty. He uses the time, to say a lot about the woman, the day to set morality, and the date for reality. It never reminds me of rear window but techique the same. What character? Janet is great, but the marion is not. Basically, OK to kill. Not really a great movie first or sadly last. How
  5. You basically know that heat will be in the scene as soon as they talk. Grant being the experienced older man and the daring young woman, create the ideal for fantasy that hitch often played with. Rot matchbook is another sales tool for the ad man with everything. Like a name on a bar, this book of matches, reminds you of where you been, need I say more. I think hitch must have honeymooned on a train. Maybe Alma and hitch could hear the train from their first flat, or the sounds of trains arouses something in him. I love the scene but the music needs upgrade.
  6. For sure the score and graphics lead us to the mind. It will either contain a dream or psychosis Of some kind, or both. We are being hypnotized during the opening, both by the music and art spirals, etc. The most powerful image is the inner eye, just traveling in it. But it's the music that makes this so haunting. Everytime, I am amazed how it impacts me. I feel as I am being hypnotized by imagery and music. The art of the spirals, etc. Are bold and strange as the music, both working together for perfect effect. Without one the other loses concept. Best opening ever.
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