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  1. 1) The Lodger got to the heart of the matter--the body very quickly, and the repetition of Golden Curls tonight, while Frenzy had a very grand sight seeing intensive trip which showcased London on a grand scale before getting to a crowd of people who are gathered to listen to a speech and then the body washes up nearby. The reactions are similar, however the body that washed up in Frenzy is naked which adds a bit more of a reaction. 2) The tour of London putting Hitchcock back in his familiar territory and all seems well and normal...until a dead woman washes up who happens to be naked. Si
  2. 1) Marnie is a very expensive soul that likes going incognito. She owns expensive luggage, purses, etc. Also she has different forms of social security cards which she can essentially use at her own free will, and the scene in which she removes the dye from her hair is extremely pivotal to the concept on taking on other identities or personalities to cover up for criminal activities perhaps? 2) The score adds an element of mystery to the otherwise silent scene. Considering Marnie is silent during her transformation if you will the score provides us with the doses of emotions we should be f
  3. 1) The beginning of the film is very light-hearted and almost whimsical from Hitchcock's cameo with the two dogs on the leashes to Mitch's request for love birds and the assumption that Melanie works for the pet store, etc. The film's beginning is very romantic comedy(esque) except for the clouds of birds flying about out in the open sky and their cawing and noise flooding in and out of the scene. Something menacing is coming this way in the only way Hitchcock can foreshadow. 2) The birds outside are quite loud and on the verge of disruptive. Like I mentioned above their are a vast number
  4. 1) The score is abrasive, it's a grater of sorts on the senses. The back of your head like Wes Gehring mentioned during the lecture video throbs. Your head becomes jumbled and adding Saul Bass' titles with the crossing and blurring lines mimic a blurring of what is real and what is not real in an intense world adding the score only escalates the tension that is inevitably impending on the course of the film. 2) By adding the specifics to the shot--FRIDAY DECEMBER ELEVENTH TWO FORTY THREE PM provides a realism. We are with Marion on this fateful day. We are the peeping toms watching Marion
  5. 1) Cary Grant had the privilege to star in 4 Hitchcock films, and North by Northwest is his last film. Grant is perfect for the role as he tries to cover up his identity and prove his innocence to a woman he has just met. When Grant mentions a line about looking vaguely familiar it adds a dose of whimsical humor to the scene followed quickly by Eva Marie Saint quickly revealing his lie, and exposing his true identity thanks to the many photos of him in the papers. Other than her oozing charisma and flair I do not know much about Eva Marie Saint to shed some more light on her own stardom and th
  6. 1) The film is a journey down the rabbit hole all because of a woman and the infatuation with her. The music and the circling orbs if you will is extremely reminiscent of a trance and the more you look at the swirling orbs the more disorientating it becomes, and the music almost has a tunnel like effect it seems like the more you listen the more you "fall" into a hypnotic state and your grip on reality becomes lessened. 2) The woman and her lips at the beginning really stays with me, because this is the reason for all of the chaotic spiral into your sanity (or is it insanity?) she holds t
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