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  1. 1. Sound design used in "Blackmail" lets the audience hear what Alice is hearing and helps us to understand how she is feeling. She hears a muffled voice until she opens the door to the store. Its is then that she discovers that her actions are out amongst the general public. This also makes the audience anxious because we know Alice can be found out. A few minutes later we hear how the voices outside of the telephone booth has been muted, but we see that Alice is having trouble deciding what to do next. Her tension can be felt by the audience. 2. Hitchcock sets up for the knife shock
  2. 1. In your own words, please describe the effect of watching the POV dolly shots / POV tracking shots in this scene? As part of the audience, I felt invested in the character(s) and his/her all important plot change. It seems the young men had a narrow shot of having to walk across a long room in order to hear why they were being asked to the Dean's office. I am not sure if they were aware of the young woman sitting behind them at first. We also know from the POV dolly shot that the dean could have seen the young woman looking "put off" and wronged upon the appearance of the young men. The
  3. It is interesting to see Jack looking indirectly at his wife as she flirts with the champ because they are being observed without their knowledge. Then later, she observes Jack in the same way. This is a technique used in other films by Hitchcock. Also, I believe the audience could get caught up in the whirlwind tone of the scenes with the combination of joviality and drinking. Its almost like we are there at the party and can empahtizes with Jack's feeling of losing control and questioning his next life move. Does he stay and not advance his career or leave and risk losing his wife?
  4. I have started looking past the signature blonde characters, the dark humor and Hitchcock hidden within the first few minutues of a film because of the silent films reviewed during this course. I have added the angular shadows shots, close shots and off-camera screams, stair case meanings, oversized objects in the foreground, femme fatals accessorized in dark colors, montagues and other effects. I applied this knowledge by visiting an interactive digital art exhibition (in black and white) and using my Smartphone to try to take some Hitchcock inspired photos and video. It was especially fun b
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