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  1. It was shown today 2/18 between Sweet Charity, and Blood on the Sun. Its a Christmas movie, set in a motor court in the desert. Looked like Dana Andrews, but nothing listed in his filmography at IMDb. Thanks.
  2. The closest I could find is Dragonwyck. Can you remember anyone else in the movie?
  3. Mongo, I don't understand. Why would that woman have anything to say about clips being shown. Don't the studios own exclusive rights to their films? Did he manage to buy back the rights to his movies?
  4. I'm sorry, but it was Ginger. That twinkle in her eye, the girl next door, the sheer joy she put into every role she played in, thats why she was Great. She never seemed to be trying to make you like her, she was just likeable.
  5. and I'm the idiot that asked Anter what TCM11 was. For one shining Moment I thought TCM spun off another channel. I still think it could happen.
  6. Dina, could you please tell me why you recommend that Spencer Tracy bio? Who is the author? He was a famously hard to know person, although some of the biggest stars in hollywood considered him a good friend, loved him, but in the end always seem to say "I don't think I ever really knew him."
  7. Off hand I'd have to say Audrey Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, and Gregory Peck, but I'll have to get back to you after I give it a think.
  8. Path, with respect, it was those same studios, and system, that taught them that it was their accessibility that put butts in the seats, and bread on their tables. The successful Greats never seemed to forget it.
  9. I am slowly falling in love with silents. I think TCM's ratings are going to improve gradually over the next few years, as my generation approaches retirement, and begins to have 'events' around the classics. I'm already considering a Silent Sunday movie party in the future.
  10. I saw an interview in the 80's during all the colorization drama, I just can't remember who with. I think it was Steven Spielburg. His point was if you used the original colors from the movies(clothes, scenery etc.) it would look awful. The reasoning was< I think, that some colors, like bright orange looked awful on the actress in real life but photographed beautifully in black and white. I wish I could remember more. Does anyone else?
  11. I'm going to try not to rant, but you guys have touched on a subject that has irritated me for sometime. Its my belief that a lot of these 'stars' are inarticulate on purpose. They resent having to do anything, talk shows, nonaward public appearances, etc, except practicing their 'craft' or 'art' and vacationing. I saw Bruce Willis on the actors studio. He made it clear to everyone there that they were wasting his time. A couple of months later Paul Newman was on and couldn't have been more gracious. Clint Eastwood the same, interested, engaged with his audience, delightful! I have to b
  12. Yes. I've used yahoo, I prefer google. I seem to find what I'm looking for faster. J.
  13. Emma Thompson is one actress we can agree on Ven, absolutely! Unfortunately for me I'd rather watch the worst film Margaret Rutherford made, than most of the best of today. If I don't see Laura again soon I'll have to break down and buy it. I think I could watch C.Aubrey Smith read the phone book. I'm rambling, sorry!
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