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  1. First and foremost, the collaborator that comes to my mind would be Tim Burton. I think his dark sense of whimsy would very much appeal to Hitchcock. I feel the two have much in common and would enjoy each others company as well as input. it is said that much of Burton's story lines are autobiographical- and haven't we seen Hitchcock in all of his own films? and as long as we we're talking Tim Burton, we must of course include the composer Danny Elfman. I think Hitchcock would approve his attention to detail, the way his compositions fill in the story line by taking you through a journey a
  2. I enjoyed playing the game with my son. At age 30, his concept of Hitchcock films is limited to Psycho and The Birds, but as a three year student of "Improv", he was quite willing to participate. For his character, he was dealt Cary Grant as T.R. Devlin, a government agent inconveniently in love...his suspense location was a cruise ship with no destination... never having seen any Hitchcock film utilizing these elements, he still managed to script a fairly good story line about Grant having met a beautiful woman on board ship. The plot twist he was dealt read that this movie is actually a come
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