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  1. musicalnovelty: Thanks for posting this about Hans Conried's birthday. See what I get for not being a current subscriber to Now Playing! I couldn't figure out why this usual, latenight feature suddenly got moved to a prime daytime slot (and also got confused by the strange coincidence that Juke Box Rhythm was originally released in APRIL of 1959). But the fine Mr. Conried was certainly worthy of his honor! I noticed that Juke Box Rhythm - originally a Columbia film - is now owned by Sony Pictures, which also owns the rest of Sam Katzman's Columbia catalog (mostly horror films). It app
  2. TCM is finally going to show Juke Box Rhythm again on April 15, 4:45 p.m., to commemorate its 50th anniversary. It's a "B" musical, b&w, and (as in most musicals) its story is thin, but I think it's worthwhile to see for the music. The numbers feature acts from the very early days of rock 'n' roll: Earl Grant Trio, Johnny Otis Band, and the Treniers. Jack Jones also sings one of Bacharach & David's earliest compositions together, "Make Room For the Joy." I ended up buying a DVD copy of Juke Box Rhythm from The Video Beat for $29. Can you believe that it's a copy recorded from an earlie
  3. If I were to make that decision today, it would probably be An American In Paris, because Gershwin music and the production details of this film could always lift my spirits. But if I were to decide sometime in the future - with Juke Box Rhythm available on DVD - then I'd probably choose this title. Being able to look at the 21-year-old Jack Jones would be especially therapeutic (and the fact that he's exceptionally talented an added bonus).
  4. I think Turner keeps getting better. It features all the qualities I used to like about AMC and TMC (including TMC alumni Robert Osborne), but with much more. More features, more inside stories, more profiles, and more stars and filmmakers that I wouldn't have otherwise been inspired to watch. Being exposed to more of the Italian neo-realist movement last year was especially enjoyable (but you haven't yet uncovered *all* of those films, TCM, so just remember that). Now if only TCM would re-introduce its network merchandise. I'd love to own a mug and one of those great gangster sweatshirts
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