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  1. Mr Philippe enjoyed your conversations with Ben immensely. I was sad you didn't get a chance to reflect on the Birds. Can you share with us what the actual bird attacks mean in the context of the film. I think they are the mcguffin and the film is actually about relationships And how we treat one another.
  2. wow thanks for the info! that cleared that up!
  3. Im a backlot member and i watched these videos of "Dr Zaius" chatting with Ben M. anyway does anyone know the story about this, who is the guy playing Dr Z? he's an absolute scream, its hysterical! if I'm having a bad day or in a bad mood, i just turn this on and laugh. I looked up the info on the Planet of the Apes movie and its not the guy who played Dr Zaius in the movie because he died in the 90s according to wiki..anyway just wondered who this guy is, if he was a comedian or what.
  4. ya i was a bit stunned that To Catch A Thief was left out of the mix, a gem of a film and I think considered one of Hitch's masterworks smack dab in the middle of his 50's run starting with Rear Window.
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