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  1. Even at the level of the dialogue, this film is playing with the idea that two Hollywood stars are flirting with each other (e.g. the line, "I look vaguely familiar.") How does our pre-existing knowledge of these stars function to create meaning in this scene. There is a level of control to the scene and being we know both are well known actors/actress, it adds to that control. At the time, leading gossip papers would have loved to link the two as a couple to sell papers so if one might have seen that before hand, this scene sells that idea. There is minimal action in this scene, so
  2. Describe what you think this film will be about simply from the sounds and images in these opening credits. Even if you have seen the film, try to focus on these sounds and images themselves and “the story” (or if not "the story," the mood and atmosphere they are establishing) that this sequence is communicating to the audience. It makes you think the film is going to be about mystery and people lost in their own mind or running in circles without figuring out what really is going on at the time. Though the beginning shot on the female and the end shot on her, leads one to think the film
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