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  1. The characters seem to be more important in this clip, given more time in this film to get to know them. Peter Lorre's character seems to be pleasant and has a sense of humor until he recognizes the skier, this sets up the plot. This clip is similar to others in how the camera use of the crowd scene, but with sound, you become more involved with characters and their lives.
  2. Love the use of the pov shot as Mabel walks toward the boys, you can almost palpate their fear. The fade out shot of the dancing into the ****, just use your imagination. Hitchcock's use of the double exposures again, tie the story together.
  3. The dancers moving faster with the rhythm of the phono player draws the other guest and viewing audience I at the same time. Love when their bodies fade into the piano keys. The use of the mirror reflection,and how the viewer is drawn into what Jack is imagining, had me believing that was truly going on. The wife gets so close when speaking and the kiss suckered me in. Jack and the wife both see different, but the same reflections in the mirror and have their own fantasies of what they see.
  4. The opening of Golden Curls much darker than the Pleasure Garden with murder up front. We have the obligatory blonde, and a touch of humor as witness at the coffee stand. The use of the camera showing the newspaper office and the delivery truck angle, make you feel in the scene. The scream being shot from atop and close up, you can feel her terror.
  5. 1. Yes, the beginnings of Hitchthemes are front and center, beauty and humor. 2. Yes, the start of a genius is born 3. No, love silent films and old time radio, silent films in reverse, just a different way to use your imagination.
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