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Teresa Carson

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    Wine, fashion, anything vintage or antique
    And classic film, of course!
    Hoping to meet fellow classic movie lovers in the New England area. Let's movie!!

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  1. Theresa

    I'd love to hear anything you have on a Massachusetts update! I live the majority of the time in Carver MA 5 miles west of Plymouth (even tho my name is Mainegal)..

    Looking forward to hearing from you!




  2. Hi there! I live in Worcester and haven’t had much luck getting a central New England chapter going. I don’t get into Boston much but I would be open to joining your chapter. Maybe it’s time I get expanded my radius, right? Please keep me posted. Thanks so much! Teresa Carson teresalcarson@yahoo.com
  3. I hear ya @Enid B. We just need to keep searching, I guess. I know there are more of us. We just have to find them. @Kat Charb and @Kita.Rhea I'd be up for joining you at a local screening. Formal chapter or not.
  4. @Kat Charb and @Kita.Rhea I'd be up for joining you at a local screening. Formal chapter or not. Feel free to reach out to me here on the message board or via facebook or Instagram.
  5. Thanks Deb. I know there must be other New England backlot members. It's just been difficult reaching out to them. I did find one person classic film lover in New Hampshire, but he's not in Backlot.
  6. I'd love to join or help start a New England chapter. I'm in Worcester, MA and the cinema in nearby Marlborough plays TCM classics monthly. Feel free to contact me if that sounds like an idea. teresalcarson@yahoo.com
  7. I'm looking for a local chapter too. I'm in Central Mass and Marlborough has a cinema that hosts TCM films monthly.
  8. Just bumping this up again to see if anyone is interested in a New England chapter. I'd be willing to do the admin work. Just need enough bodies to form a chapter.
  9. I was at the Marlborough screening of Treasure of the Sierra Madre this past Sunday and I saw so many faces there, I wanted to reach out to each and every one to ask if they wanted to form a local chapter. But on second though....just a tad bit strange. I'm not the creepy type, but I do want to reach out and connect. C'mon. I know there are some more locals out here that love movies as much as I do.
  10. Hi There, I am a new Backlot member living in Central Massachusetts and I'm looking to join or start a Backlot Chapter in New England. Anyone interested? Please feel free to contact me via email or Twitter @tlcarson13 [...] Hope to hear from you soon! Let's Movie! Teresa Carson
  11. She has such an amazing story. A truly amazing woman. Thanks TCM!
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