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  1. If Hitchcock were to be alive today, he would still: innovate and push the boundaries of cinema, gravitate towards suspense thrillers, and have a sense of humor. Knowing all these things, I think for the DP (Cinematographer), he would work with Roger Deakins. Roger is british as well, and has worked on numerous thrillers and dark comedies with the Coen Bros. Among his best works include the Oscar-winning "No Country For Old Men" and more recently, "Sicario" which was Oscar-nominated and premiered at Cannes. Like Hitch, Roger has yet to win the Academy Award. In short, Roger is a great sus
  2. July 27, 2017 – Hitchcock lecture Part 20 1. The Lodger immediately tells us we’re watching a horror and or a thriller film. There’s a close-up of a woman shrieking. Then as we anticipate what the horrors are about, we pass through a very darkened, foggy location as we track what the crime is. Frenzy opens on a very upbeat note, with a grand, sunny view of London. None of the production design indicates that we’ll see a dead woman at the end of the scene. Even as we see the politician speak, we don’t expect a horror/thriller film at all, not even from the music. But the discovery of the b
  3. July 26, 2017 – Hitchcock lecture Part 19 1. Marnie is deceptive, she is either hiding from something or someone, or is deliberately disguising herself for a purpose. We don’t know if her intentions are good, innocent, or evil. We also know that she is beautiful. 2 . The opening music builds tension, and blossoms at the first sight of Marnie’s face. It increases the audience’s sense of wonder and awe, while giving us a hint as to what the genre of the film is. 3. Hitchcock first looks at the back of Marnie, highlighting what the audience is wondering--"who is this lady?" Then Hitch
  4. July 25, 2017 – Hitchcock lecture Part 18 1. Melanie pretends to be the bird shop owner or worker as she tries to help Mitch find two lovebirds. It’s clear that she’s no bird expert, but Mitch plays along. Based on attire, Melanie seems to be an upper class woman, and Mitch seems to be a nice man who is close to his family. 2. The birds dominate from the first frame with their sound. The sound overlaps the dialogue, almost obscuring it at times. The high pitch and the sheer volume of the chirping noises makes it seem like we are trapped a huge birdcage. 3. Hitchcock steps out
  5. July 24, 2017 – Hitchcock lecture Part 17 1. The strong piercing string soundtrack immediately introduces tension, momentum, and a sense of fear. The genre of this film is clearly in the horror and or thriller space. The fragmentation of the typography indicates that there’s more to this film than just the façade, that there’s some cerebral element that the audience should look out for. And finally, the modern (non-serif) typography hints that the film will take place in the present day. 2. I think the specificity makes us believe that somewhere in the world this thing is actual
  6. July 20, 2017 – Hitchcock lecture Part 16 1. To preface, I'm not too familiar with these actors. I haven't seen many films in their era, unfortunately, to fully understand this question. Though I can see that it's two very attractive people flirting with each other. We are invested in what they say and feel because the preceding films they’ve worked on have already established a mythology for the audience about these two characters—we automatically empathize with them without seeing much backstory in the film. 2 The ROT matchbook allows for the two characters to physically touch each
  7. July 19, 2017 – Hitchcock lecture Part 15 1 The film promises to be hypnotic—one that will get underneath your skin and appeal heavily to the senses, and subvert logic by sending us into a dream state. I expect to see surprises, twists, and experience surreal moments. Because we see such close-ups of a woman’s lips and eyes, I think the film will be about obsession or seduction. 2. I think it’s the extreme close-up shot of the eye, but more specifically at the exact moment when the eyelid widens and the screen turns red. It’s shocking because it evokes terror through radical contrast
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