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  1. I am so glad that the interview with Mr. Rogers and Margaret Hamilton was posted. I worked for PBS and almost went to work for the Mr. Rogers production team (got married instead). Fred Rogers is exactly the man you see - kind and very smart and understands communicating with children. I miss him.
  2. Greetings - I like many others watched 42nd Street over many years and I have always questioned the style presented by Rudy Keeler in the opening of the segment of the 42nd Street number. That heavy footed style made me question why anyone thought she could dance. My husband did some research and found that there is a style of hoofing that is flat-footed. The style is called buck dancing and if you search buck dancing you will find her name and the comment that she started as a buck dancer. You see the lighter tap dancing style in Shuffle Off to Buffalo. Just found this very interesting....
  3. Thank you the description of part-talkie does make sense. It has been a very l0ng time since seeing the Jazz Singer and I think I remember more singing and talking than there is in the film.
  4. Greetings - I agree. Is The Jazz Singer not considered to be a musical?
  5. After my post on the Hitchcock style - I would start by saying David Mamet - but too many directors! LOL - The writer of The Usual Suspects - Christopher McQuarrie - Maybe David Lynch - but again too many directors Actor - Tim Robbins Actor - The return of Sharon Stone - there are excellent blondes for the cool role - but maybe he would discover the Red Head - my personal choice. Actor - Tom Hanks - of course Aug 2 in NYC screening of Soul Bass Creates There are several Hich related articles on the the Oscar.com site including Hollywood’s Golden Age in The Pe
  6. I will add HOUSE OF GAMES written and directed by David Mamet. I love Mamet's work when he plays with your head. I thought of posting THE SPANISH PRISONER but with the performance of Lindsay Crouse - I think it fits the "Hitchcock style". Mamet creates a two unique characters - Margaret Ford (Crouse) and Mike (Joe Mantegna). The story is based in the world of the con - and the manipulation of the victim. Crouse as the "the cool blonde" in the piece is amazing. It is dark and at times disturbing and the relationship between Mike and Margaret is complex and fascinating. While the plot is interes
  7. Greetings and thank you for so much for a great experience. Would you please discuss Anthony Perkins role in Psycho. What was his relationship with Hitchcock? Was he involved in the shower scene? I have always felt for him as an actor for while it is an incredible piece of work I believe it stopped his career from moving forward. The part was so readily identified with him it handicapped him. Nancy K.
  8. As with many of Hitch's films I saw them as a young teen - and certainly at my first viewing I did not really understand the basic themes of the movie. As I watch it in my older and wiser years I understand the incredible work by Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. However, I must admit that now as I watch I have issues with Judy's character and Madeline's character. That Judy could portray Madeline with Madeline's look, sophistication, and speaking style is just a hard leap for me. That Judy can maintain the character - in the personal and intimidate encounters with Scottie has over time clouded my
  9. I love this film - it has been a favorite for many many years. The first time I saw it - I was in my teens and my sister and I were watching it in the basement family room. At the end as Jimmy is dangling from the window my sister and I are screaming at the screen. My parents came running downstairs certain that we were killing each other. But onto more serious reflections - the opening of the film tells you everything you need to know to about the main character. You know his name, how he broke his leg, what he does for a living, that he confined to a wheelchair, a brief view of the neig
  10. Finally - I can post to the message board! I have missed so many opportunities to post and comment on all of the great films we have seen and studies so far - but I am loving the course. So I have share a bit of trivia with all of you. Ross Bagdasarian is the actor portraying the pianist. Ross will go on to develop a character called David Seville and will give the world the recording trio known as the Chipmunks. Alvin! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_Bagdasarian_Sr.
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