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  1. After commenting about how the film Niagara fits this topic I was just checking the TCM schedule and that film is actually airing tonight at 10pm EDST. Watch it and judge for yourself. I may pose the question, was Hitchcock influenced in any way by Niagara? If was made before Vertigo.
  2. I watched Truffaut's Day for Night yesterday on TCM. Truffaut plays a film director trying to make a movie with all sorts of behind the scenes drama. There is a scene when he receives a package of about 20 books he has ordered - they are all biographies of great film directors. Close up on The Great Films of Alfred Hitchcock. Nice touch.
  3. For a more modern film, I recently watched Sophia Coppola's The Beguiled. Though subtle I think there are definite Hitchcockian elements playing in that film. There are beautiful blondes and some humorous moments worked in to the story, and the method of the murder is one of those moments when Hitch and Alma would say, "Wouldn't this be a funny way to kill him off." Colin Farrell's character spends much of the movie confined to a divan in a single room with a wounded leg much like L. B. Jeffries in Rear Window but instead of looking out of the window, he watches the women pass by his door
  4. I think Henry Hathaway's Niagara has several Hitchcockian elements. Star power and blonde - Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten as the man driven to murder which he does so well. The backdrop of Niagara Falls is used much like Mount Rushmore, Lady Liberty, or the British Museum. Jean Peters as Polly is an ordinary person who begins to suspects things are awry and must fight for he life to escape going over the falls at the climax. There is also the lighting, staircases, high angles and music plays an important roll in the plot.
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