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  1. In how many ways does Hitchcock play with or visually manifest the metaphor of “criss cross” or “criss-crossing” in this introductory sequence. [For those who haven’t seen the film yet, the idea of “criss cross” is central idea in this film, a theme Hitch sets up from the opening frames of this film] Be specific. Numerous examples of criss-crossing from walking, train tracks to Guy and Bruno crossing their legs when sitting down Even in this brief scene, how does Hitchcock create a sense of contrast between Guy (Farley Granger) and Bruno (Robert Walker)? Consider everything from camera wor
  2. 1. Using specific examples, describe how Hitchcock opens The Lady Vanishes. What tone, mood, or atmosphere is Hitchcock establishing for the audience very early on in this picture? Pay particular attention to the music. Tone, mood and atmosphere are set by the music at the beginning of the scene. When the music stops, the mood and atmosphere changes with the entrance of the men, the phone call and the talk with the patrons in the inn. 2. Discuss the characters of Caldicott and Charters in this scene. What do the performances of Caldicott and Charters add to this scene. Their performance app
  3. 1. Now that you have seen multiple openings to Hitchcock's British films, how does this opening both fit a pattern you have seen previously as well as deviate from other opening scenes? This opening has an anonymity to it as the others did. This one however is not focused the women as the others I remember. 2. Do you agree or disagree with Rothman's assessment that Hitchcock in this film is focused on introducing a more innocent character than in previous opening sequences of his films? Yes there is an innocense not seen in the other openings. 3. Reflect on the role of yet another public
  4. 1. In this sequence, describe how Hitchcock uses sound design to put you into the subjective "mind of Alice"? Be specific. Alice walks around in the scene in what seems like a daze. You can tell that she is preoccupied with the reported murder and it is the only subject talked about which seems to have a further effect on her. 2. Describe the different ways that the sound design of this scene operates in counterpoint to the visual track. For example, how does Hitchcock set up the shot where the knife flies out of Alice's hand so that it registers a shock in his audience? Pay attention to b
  5. This is my first course and I immensely enjoy watching the old classics though it has never been to "critique" or learn more about the film or the film maker. I am also not one to recount what is already been said from many other participants. That said, do hope to gain an insight into Hitchcock's film making. 1. Do you see the beginnings of the "Hitchcock touch" in this sequence? Please provide specific examples. Not having seen many Hitchcock films, I do know that there is a particular way he presented his female stars, demure, strong, etc., each to a purpose. The tough blond, th
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