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  1. For starters, y'all don't even know how excited I was to hear that this film was one of Hitch's all-time favorites! It is my absolute favorite classic film. I was so thrilled, haha. 1. As mentioned in the curator's note, this scene operates as a prelude to the main story. What do learn about the character of Uncle Charlie in this prelude? Be specific. The first time I watched Shadow of a Doubt, I didn't think too much of it at first... not until the music changed after the discussion about Uncle Charlie's "two friends". Then I began to instantly wonder what could be different about this
  2. 1. In your own words, please describe the effect of watching the POV dolly shots / POV tracking shots in this scene? I think it is absolutely brilliant. Rather than being a spectator, we become a supporter- drawn into what is going on through a personal perspective. 2. Why do you think Hitchcock uses the technique of a POV tracking shot? What does it add to his visual storytelling? As stated above, it definitely draws one further into the viewing. It's somewhat like a dream- there are those where I seem disconnected, "floating" above, and the night terrors wherein I am apart of whatever
  3. 1. Do you see the beginnings of the "Hitchcock touch" in this sequence? Please provide specific examples. Yaaas. I love how Hitchcock always presented the film in ways as if we are seeing through the eyes of the characters- this is most obviously in Rear Window, but it comes in others as well and is used brilliantly in Shadow of a Doubt (my favorite so far. meep) and Psycho. I'm not as familiar with his older films, but I do have a collection of them. If I had the time to binge watch.... 2. Do you agree or disagree with Strauss, Yacowar, and Spoto assessments that this sequence contai
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