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  1. Did anyone happen to record this movie when it was broadcast on 02/04/08? I've been looking for this forever! And missed it when it was on! AAArrrgh!
  2. I am trying to find this Helen Mirren movie on video. I missed it when TCM just recently showed it. Does any know if this is available anywhere?
  3. I'd like to see Age of Consent (1969). This was just shown on TCM, but I missed it! Arrrgh! If anyone recorded this, please PM me!
  4. I am looking for the name of a movie from which a scene was shown in the promo for TCM IMPORTS. There are three priests dressed in black, gray and white standing on a train track. There are two behind, one in front with his hand held up, trying to stop a train. It looks like a mountain train track from what I see of the background.
  5. I was so glad to see this was finally released! (10/11/2005) I had at least 4 versions of this film before this time. I did have a w/s version. It was a bad copy (Goodtime?) and had an entire scene missing! Now it's part of our 50 movie John Wayne collection!
  6. I suppose it would depend on what room I am in at any given time. My collection (viewable at http://www.intervocative.com/dvdcollection.aspx/Floorwalker) is spread out over several places. Turning around to look at the shelf behind me I see: Toy Story 1 & 2 Van Helsing Dudley Do-Right Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell Aviator (1985) Valentine Bells on Their Toes The Day After Friday The 13th 1 & 2 Hoosiers The Misfits Amistad Sleuth JFK Chances Are
  7. > I think we'd be hard pressed to find anyone who loves > Birth of a Nation. Respect for its place in > the history of cinema, perhaps... But "love"? I > don't think so... Perhaps not... but it is still a bad movie, IMO. I was using the "important/respected" interpretation of "love" in my list.
  8. Any Audrey Hepburn movie Any Woody Allen movie Any Quentin Tarantino movie The Birth of A Nation Brokeback Mountain Nosferatu Cabaret All That Jazz The Grapes of Wrath Titanic (loved the "popsicle" remark! A reel hoot!)
  9. I don't care for logos at all. At least TCM's is one of the less annoying*. It wouldn't matter how many stations I have. I don't need to be reminded what station I currently have on. I feel insulted by them. I am intelligent enough to know what I'm tuned into. *The worst logo offender is TNT. You can't sit through a show of any length without getting bombarded by these things. The most intrusive are the logos that take up about a fourth of the screen, telling you what is comming on next! And any station which uses an animated logo should be taken out and shot! Do these statio
  10. What I wish TCM would do: If they have in their schedule a w/s movie for which they were able to obtain only a p/s copy, they should say so. Perhaps instead of using the standard w/s icon, an icon with a line through it could be used to signify the w/s copy isn't available.
  11. I just sat down to watch "Ride A Crooked Trail" (1958). I am very disappointed that for whatever reason TCM is showing this film in pan&scan instead of it's true 2.35:1 aspect ratio. I hope the film can be re-broadcast in its correct aspect ratio. But, this seems unlikely as I don't see any future listing for it when search is done in the database.
  12. I'd like to see the PRE-CODE MOVIE SET There could probably several volumes of this one.
  13. An interesting thread. I've just read the entire thing... I don't believe the age of a movie has anything to do with it being a "classic". That opinion depends on the viewer. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I like TCM because they show such wide range of movies. I like the Charlie Chaplin silents. I like "recent" movies like Ferris Bueller. I don't understand opinions such as not liking a movie because it's not from the "right" decade or because it's in color, or because its a silent, or because it has too many special effects...or for whatever reason. The
  14. I was happy to see this movie included in the John Wayne day. I wasn't very to see it wasn't in widescreen! Hopefully, the next time it is shown, it will be in the correct format. Anyone know why it wasn't in widescreen this time?
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