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  1. I saw Burton twice during the 1980’s tour in San Francisco. Would have loved to see his performance filmed for prosperity. Same with the rest of the cast. Robert Goulet as Lancelot....Roddy McDowell. So much better that what the film turned out to be.
  2. Not quite true...Mickey was their first choice, and Walt was fine with it. It was his brother Roy that put the kabooms on the deal.
  3. I know I’m in the minority but I don’t like Vera-Ellen. Especially in White Christmas where she’s paired with Danny Kaye. Watch their first dance number together - why is she always looking at the camera? Compared to the other three she’s unneeded. Not a great actress, not a singer...
  4. I agree. My favorite Astaire - Cyd number is not the Girl Hunt ballet but the elagent and simple Dancing in the Dark number in the Park.
  5. Cary Grant couldn’t see it either....he told they should get Rex Harrison! btw. Harrison did a MFL tour in early 80’s with Cheryl Kennedy as Eliza. Cathleen Nesbit, who originated the role of Henry’s mother on Broadway and in the film, was also in the cast! Rex made sure everyone knew that in his curtain speech. She was, or close to 90. Died in Aug of 1982.
  6. So another remake is coming out. Actually this is a remake of a remake with the basic story intact. Boy finds girl, girl becomes bigger than the boy, boy ends up dying so girls can state for all to hear... My name is Mrs. Norman Maine. for God’s sake, can’t anyone think outside the box anymore? You want an updated story? Fine. Here’s your payoff line - “My name is Mrs. Norma Maine.” Have some guts Hollywood.
  7. You could start with the 70s and go to modern day. Musicals part 2. The disco years, the animated 90s ....
  8. All that Jazz has become my favorite Fosse Musical I wish we could have seen, and I wish they would release the Roadshow version of Dr. Doolittle. They cut out one of my favorite Leslie Bricusse songs - “Something in your Smile”. You can it on the Soundtrack album.
  9. In today’s lecture, cabin in the sky was compared to other supernatural films of the time, as in Here comes Mr. Jordan, etc. I think a better example, especially thematically, would be the 1950’s musical Damn Yankees, in which the Devil tries to lure a basically decent man with a good, loving, caring wife away with the help of a temptress. walt3rd
  10. Collaborators in today's cinema? Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. The current two main writers for the James Bond franchise. They would be able to translate well, I think. There is a sequence of an escape in Spectre when Q realizes that he is trapped in a funicular with the bad guys that I feel would be right in place in a Hitchcock film. I agree on some of the actors I've seen in other posts, and have added a few others: Clive Owens, Christian Bale, Michael Caine (especially as the villain), John Cusack, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, and Ben Whisaw. Scarlett Johanson, Lea Seydoux f
  11. Two related questions. Why Psycho? What's the fascination that remains with this particular film? Also, can you distinguish after watching the shower sequence so many times which shots are of Janet Leigh and which are of Marli Renfro, her body double? Thanks - Walt3rd
  12. Actually, By the time Marnie came out, Connery had done both Dr. No and From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger was released the same year as Marnie. Connery probably was glad to get away from Bond for at least one film.
  13. Daily Dose #20 (Collect them all!) I'm in a bit of a frenzy today, so I'll be quick.... I saw this years ago when it was released on VHS - back when I owned a video store. I enjoyed it and agree, it's really Hitchcock's last great film. So the questions today are: 1. How does the opening of Frenzy differ from the opening of The Lodger? Feel free to rewatch the clip from The Lodger (Daily Dose #2) for comparison. Hitchcock takes his time, if only a minute or so, before the first scream in Frenzy. We also have the Hitchcock cameo (in a bowler standing watching while ot
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