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  1. I'm back! But on my own. If anyone would like to join my trivia clubs that I run on my own, let me know. I currently run three groups: Oldmovietrivia, Classictvtrivia and Allaroundtrivia(which is just general trivia). I send them out via email. Questions are emailed five days a week. If interested, email me at seagullcin@webtv.net. Of course, I will need your email address and first name and also what trivia groups you want to join! I have other good trivia players in this group already! So, look forward to something good in your email box everyday! Join and Have
  2. No one knew the answer which was: Ruby Keeler in Footlight Parade Thanks, Path40a for the nice words! Glad to see CoffeeDan is back. You are all in good hands! Be back soon.....
  3. Who said and in what movie? "I got tired of looking like a school teacher"? Good Luck! This is my last posting on the TCM message boards, for two reasons. 1. It's getting harder and harder to come up with questions and 2. I see on the boards more and more people posting trivia questions. So, therefore, I feel I am not leaving the "boards alone". If in the near future, I can come up with more and more questions, I'll be back. Thanks & Take care!
  4. Congratulations, vallo13! You have answered correctly!
  5. In the 1920's he portrayed the neighbourhood bully in Chaplain's The Kid. Who was he? Good Luck!
  6. Congratulations, vallo13! You have answered correctly!
  7. For which 1940's film did Warner Brothers downplay the homosexual element in a character portrayed by Peter Lorre to please the censors? Good Luck!
  8. Congratulations, vallo13! You have answered correctly!
  9. Which 1950's drama features Laurence Harvey as a lowly government accountant in the Yorkshire Mill town of Warnley? Good Luck!
  10. Congratulations, CineSageJr.! You have answered correctly!
  11. Danish merchant sea captain, Conrad Veidt, and his mysterious passenger, Valerie Hobson, become embroiled in espionage in Powell-Pressburger's 1940's spy drama. Name the title? Good Luck!
  12. Sorry, inglis & TOOMANYNOTES - incorrect responses. The correct answer was: Judy Garland in Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
  13. Sorry, LuckyDan - Incorrect response. Anyone else?
  14. Sorry, vallo13 - Incorrect response. Anyone else?
  15. Who said and in what movie? "Sometimes a woman's intuition is better than a man's brains"? Good Luck!
  16. Congratulations, path40a! You have answered correctly!
  17. With which movie do you associate a fabulous gemstone called "the Blue Water"? Good Luck!
  18. Congratulations, lizimbre88! You have answered correctly!
  19. Which movie actress was born in Alabama and educated in a convent school? Good Luck!
  20. Sorry, CineSagejr - The correct answer was: Ginger Rogers in 5th Avenue Girl
  21. Sorry, CharlieT - Incorrect response. Anyone else?
  22. Sorry, vallo13 - Incorrect response. Anyone else?
  23. Congratulations, vallo13! You have answered correctly!
  24. Name the race of people who live deep underground in the 1930's serial, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars? Good Luck!
  25. Congratulations, CineSagejr! You have answered correctly!
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