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  1. Hey Guys, Ny name's Berlin. 1. I would need to have seen more of Hitchcock's films to be able to discern whether or not I identify the begenings of the "Hitchcock touch" so as of now o'm saying that I don't see it at all but I do see signs of someone that knows how to manipulate visual so that it is pleasing and enjoyable. 2. I wanted to argue "No" but seing that I lack enouh experience with Alfred's films I have no reson to yet. However, based on what I know and remember their are a few techniques that contribute **** the elements that shape his carrer for example
  2. Hey Guys, My name's Berlin. 1. I felt as though both "The Lodger" and "The Pleasure Garden" both focused on subject's correspondence with one another like cause and effect an example being when watching Lodger I thought to myself "That woman is crying/sad because of what's on the floor, someone probably died" and with Garden watching how the camera cut from the girls clambering down the stairs and dancing to that smooth sliding shot of the guys feening over the girls, that scene already registers what the dynamics between the characters present. It's simple but Hitchcock knows how t
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