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  1. 1. Compare the opening of The Lodger to the opening of The Pleasure Garden - what similarities and differences do you see between the two films? In both introductory sequences, I think Hitch really goes out of his way to create an atmosphere of the mundane, the everyday, the familiar. In The Lodger it's the setting, the familiarity of the newsstands, newspaper press, phone booth and telegraph (which were all - obviously - everyday back then) and also the crowds and bustle of the city. Even with the murder, the cops and the newsmen are doing their jobs. It's all very believable. The Pleasu
  2. 1. Do you see the beginnings of the "Hitchcock touch" in this sequence? Please provide specific examples. Voyeurism and the blonde. Also, something I noticed at 0:25, was the guy in the audience looking uncomfortable, or perhaps disdainful. I can't think of any other movie examples off the top of my head, but it ... feels like Hitchcock ... to have a number of leering men, happy in their debauchery, and then the conflict: one man grumpy about the whole display. That contrasted morality is, in itself, a bit of a wink. Feels like Hitch. 2. Do you agree or disagree with Strauss, Yaco
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