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  1. POV shots like this one are always interesting because they simultaneously make you feel even more suspenseful or eager to see what going to happen next, yet they make you a little repulsed at the same time. In other words, they both pull you in to the film and make you just uncomfortable enough to the point of wanting to draw back, in totality a very rich effect.
  2. 1. Compare the opening of The Lodger to the opening of The Pleasure Garden - what similarities and differences do you see between the two films? Interesting to see "Hitchcock Blondes" at the center of both of these these early films. I see a similarity in the emphasis on facial expression and facial close-ups to tell the story. There is a lot of light and dark play in the lighting that is similar as well. On the other hand, the feel is different in them, owing partly to the fact that the shots are less creative and fairly static for the most-part in TPG. There is also less montage use in TPG
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