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  1. 1. I would describe the opening shot of RW as exposition; it is introducing me to the set, to L.B. Jeffries and his apartment complex. His back to his window leaves this first scan totally up to me. I'm a spectator, but I am, now, a part of the story as such. The music cues my feelings of being part of a light (perky?) albeit urban, early morning routine with the milk man delivery, kids at play (not at school + the heat = summer, yes?) Even the cat is up and about. The shot becomes more voyeuristic as it progresses to more intimate viewings,spending a little longer focused on individua
  2. I am noticing more detail as the class progresses. Now I am obsessed by shoes (note tennis shoes at the end of the movie. What do they signify?) I love the contrast of Bruno to Guy, the tie and tie pin--all kind of brash. Seems opposite of how the characters turn out in that guy is dressed in dark and somber clothes--if it were not for the tennis gear (which actually helps to distinguish his feet from others in the train station). Bruno is seemingly friendly, outgoing, possibly more likable, but maybe he is just a little too much. Back to the shoes. (I can't remember the name of this st
  3. The music is ominous as the camera moves from the children playing in the street to the boarding house, to the window. Uncle Charlie, Mr. Spencer, is suspicious right away because of the booze (I assume) and money put sloppily on the bedside table and falling on the floor. Mrs. Martin prattles away about two men looking for him, and pulling the shade down creating a shadow over the corpselike Joseph Cotton lying on the bed. This is all very noir as the mood goes from the children (innocence) to the solemn (not playful) dead-like Cotton to the danger (the two men, the money, his resignation).
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