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  1. Question 1: Considering that this is Hitchcock's first talky and the fact that the field of sound film is brand new and completely unexplored, I think that his first foray into this area is imaginative and effective in bringing us subjectively into the mind of Alice. She is obviously shaken and disturbed by her experience the night before. The boorish woman droning on about the murder becomes a torture device to Alice, who eventually can only hear her continual use of the word "knife". Her frazzled nerves finally interpret the word as a kind of a scream, causing the butter knife she is t
  2. 1. How does Hitchcock use montage or expressive editing to add vitality and rhythm to this scene? I appreciate the way Hitchcock uses editing to convey the frenetic pace of the party going on. By cutting from dancers to other revelers to piano keys to blurred human images, one is drawn into the somewhat disturbing, drunkenly frantic scene. His experimental style is on full display here. 2. As is the case with a lot of German Expressionist films, in this scene, there are many shots that are very subjective and put us into the psychological mind of a main character. Please note t
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