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  1. As mentioned in the curator's note, this scene operates as a prelude to the main story. What do learn about the character of Uncle Charlie in this prelude? Be specific. He seems to be calm and cool because he just keeps listening to the lady as she rattles on and repeats sentences. Then all of a sudden he breaks a glass. So he does not handle pressure well. In what ways does this opening remind you of watching a film noir? If it doesn't remind you of a film noir, what makes the opening here different from the opening of a noir film like Siodmak's The Killers? (Note: If you haven't seen
  2. 1. Describe how this opening is different from the multiple opening scenes you have seen in the Daily Doses from the British silent and/or sound period? In the past films there are close up of people in the opening scenes. 2. What are the Hitchcock "touches" in this opening that help you identify this as a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock? The erieness of the scens. The low monotone voice and is suspenseful. The crashing of the sea against the rocks and the forward step on the edge Lawrence toodk. 3. How does this opening sequence use Manderley--the house itself--as a kind of charact
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