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  1. To add on, I actually interpreted it as the woman being manipulative and causing fear in others using hypnosis rather than her being the fearful one.
  2. What do we learn about or know about the couple through the scene's visual design: the props, the set design or dressing, the decor, the camera angles, the lighting. etc? Later in the scene, we found out Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been in their room for three days, however, I was able to ascertain that they had been holed up in their room for quite some time based on the camera movement, set design, and props. Right at the top of the opening scene, the camera pans across the room showing lots of used dishes around the room as well as the general messiness of the bedroom. I could also tel
  3. In regards to Hitchcock and Wilder's tacit nod to Hemingway's short story, "The Killers," Uncle Charlie's initial calm reaction to hearing about the men waiting outside for him parallels the way in which the doomed man in "The Killers" just lays in bed, waiting to be killed as the killers approach. It's as if Uncle Charlie was expecting the detectives or even that he was waiting for them as well.
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