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  1. 1. The opening of Frenzy differs from the opening of The Lodger in several ways. The Lodger opens with the seventh victim screaming. Then we see the dead body, then we see the witness and then the crowd that has gathered to gawk at the corpse. The police arrive and then the media report another death of The Avenger. In Frenzy we are first introduced to the city of London. A crowd has gathered but for a different reason. Here the media is also present but to report on pollution being cleaned up. Here there is no scream, but more of a shout as the dead body is discovered. In The Lodger the body
  2. 1. We see in these scene that Marnie is a thief who has stolen a lot of money and purchased new clothes and accessories. She is neatly packing her new items in a large suitcase while tossing the old items carelessly in a old suitcase. She changes her Id card so we see she has done this before because she has several to choose from. She does not seem to be in a hurry. She is not moving in a frantic way, instead she is very poised and calm as she prepares for her getaway. She then rinses her dark hair to reveal her natural blonde hair. She puts the old suitcase with her old items in a locker. Sh
  3. 1.The scene opens with two people meeting each other and flirting while talking about lovebirds, denoting they too may become a pair of lovebirds in the film. There is nothing frightening in this opening scene that would make you think there is big trouble on the way. Melanie was concerned about the birds outside, but once she enters the pet store she is more concerned about picking up her myna bird. We learn from the scene that Melanie is picking up a myna bird that has not come in. She is curious about the birds gathering outside. She goes along with the ruse when Mitch mistakes her for
  4. 1. The titles are split or sliced vertically and horizontally. This suggests a splitting of the characters personalities. Norman and his mother and Marion's good girl/bad girl. The word psycho completely becomes unfragmented suggesting the psychotic break Norman goes through. The strings are very frantic and causes you to feel anxious and uncomfortable. They convey the slicing of a knife with the sharpness and speed of the strings and bow. Very unnerving. It lets the audience prepare for the suspense leading to the horror that is to come. It sets the tone that this is not going to slick and st
  5. 1. Gary Grant has one of the best faces that has ever graced the Big Screen. He is suave and debonair and by now had well established his Star Power. Like the lady says "Its a nice face. Eve Marie Saint was an Academy Award winning actress who was know to audiences as well. Here she plays the sexy spy who is picking up the man in a role reversal. Hitchcock was using the best actors/actresses to draw audiences to the cinema knowing that people would expect a high quality film as well. The chemistry between Gary Grant and Eve Marie Saint is smoldering. 2. The matchbook is used first to brin
  6. 1. At first we see parts of a women's face, lips that seem to twitch nervously and eyes that look frightened. The eyes dart side to side as the women's anxiety is increasing. Then the eye opens very wide as the women has seen something that terrifies her.The music is very dramatic and is the most intense when the eye is shown covered in red. From these images and the music it warns of dangers to come and the graphics seem to denote a spiraling out of control which makes you feel dizzy but it is also hypnotic and pulls you in. 2. For me the the single most powerful image is of the close up
  7. 1. Rear Window 2. Rope 3. North By Northwest 4. Strangers on A Train 5. Psycho
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