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  1. 1. How does Hitchcock use montage or expressive editing to add vitality and rhythm to this scene? Using this technique clearly brings more to the film. I think one scene in particular is when Jack is listening to his manager talking but he can't stop thinking about his wife flirting with Bob. Hitchcock uses montage to show what he sees and what he is thinking about at the same time. 2. As is the case with a lot of German Expressionist films, in this scene, there are many shots that are very subjective and put us into the psychological mind of a main character. Please note the various tec
  2. 1. Compare the opening of The Lodger to the opening of The Pleasure Garden - what similarities and differences do you see between the two films? These are two completely different style of films but I did see some similarities. 1.) The opening gets you right away. The girls coming down the staircase in The Pleasure Garden and the victim screaming at the beginning of The Lodger. 2.) The other similarities are the obvious in that they are both silent films, both black and white (even though the restored version of The Lodger shown here is in Monochrome) and have a love story. 3.) The us
  3. I watched The Pleasure Garden for the first time yesterday and finished it today. I did notice the following in the first clip: 1.) The Spiral Staircase. Staircases play a significant role in a lot of Hitchcock films. Most notably in Psycho when Martin Balsam's character falls down the stairs. It is a great way to open a film. 2.) The look on the mens faces. It was interesting to see the looks and reactions on the men's faces and how they were all attracted to the women. This could have been an early burlesque show. The one man in general is fixated on the girl named Patsy. We see how he is
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