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  1. 1. The settings are obviously very different. Chorus girls dancing in one, and the other a murder scene. So definitely different tonally from the jump. But they are similar in that both scenes include onlookers. One featuring leering men, the other focusing on a horrified woman. 2. The close up shot of the "golden haired" victim screaming in the beginning is very much his style. The other stand out is when the woman sees a reflection on the side of the food trailer that fits her description of the murderer. The image is distorted by the metal, giving it an almost monstrous quality. I imagine the idea for this shot was possibly influenced by Hitchcock's exposure to techniques used in German expressionism. 3. The framing of the shot gets the audience extremely close to the victim's face. This does well to project the subject's state of panic and emotional distress. Creating a closeness with the viewer and the subject, as if your face was right next to her's. So much so that you can almost feel her scream without having to hear it. The most notable shot comparison that comes to mind would be the shower scene in Psycho.
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