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  1. This list is great! Thanks for posting it. Some of the films listed I've seen, but many I haven't. I'll have to find opportunities to see at least some of them. I was glad to see some of the films listed: Charade Dark Passage Niagra [last night on TCM] Witness for the Prosecution Gaslight [love, love, love it!] The Spiral Staircase Leave Her To Heaven The Uninvited [i just watched this again today] The Stranger I'd add to the list: Beware My Lovely (1952) - Ida Lupino & Robert Ryan. Widow hires handyman who turns out to be schizophrenic who decompensates into psychotic episode,
  2. We can tell in these opening scenes that Marnie is a thief, she's good at it, done it before (multiple SS cards), she's cold, calculating, with a plan that has worked in the past. You just have to wonder, what is up with that? What makes her this person? She's cool & calm as she places her new items of clothing in the new suitcase, & tosses the old clothes into the old suitcase. She further sheds her old skin/identity when she rinses the dark hair dye out of her hair. I hadn't thought of the Psycho connection, but when Dr. Edwards mentioned it, it definitely clicked for me. Be
  3. I think most people have responded better than I can, or at least have said everything I was thinking, so, instead, here's something for some comedic relief....all of Hitchcocks cameos: (I hope the youtube link works!)
  4. The title design with all the lines reminds me of looking (peeping?) through blinds in a window on the one hand. On the other hand, it also seems like the credits are being sliced up. Add the music to that, & you know that something scary is about to happen. The use of the exact date & time reminded me of a police report (a la Dragnet....just the facts, ma'am). You're being given information that can help you understand the context of what is about to happen in the film. Marion Crane is the person doing most of the talking. She's giving you information about her & Sam's
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