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  1. It seems to me that there was a lot more chaotic elements in the opening of the LODGER. A large crowd had gathered at night after the murder. Making the situation all the more disturbing and creepy. In the Opening scene of FRENZY we get a sweeping travel log of the beautiful city of London. However,a large crowd has gathered, in the seamier side, during the day, to hear the local politician expound on cleaning up the city and the river. When lo and behold a nude woman's body, lying face down, has washed up amid all the murky, polluted water. Hitch uses this technique frequently t
  2. First off I have to say that up until now, Marnie has not been one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. Haven't seen it in many years and had forgotten most of the plot. But, with taking this class and trying to identify different elements of the opening scene, I feel there will be a definite air of suspense and mystery, as the story unravels, which always garners my attention. Especially, when she changes her identities, which happens frequently. Having seen the many social security cards. What identity shall I assume this time? We know she is a thief and con artist as we watch the mone
  3. As Melanie looks up and sees the gulls she wonders what is happening. The pet shop lady says there must be a storm coming, because the birds are moving inland. This is a foreshadowing of the chaos to come. In the opening scene Melanie tries to put one over on Mitch by pretending to work at the pet shop. Mitch knows what is going on the whole time and tries to teach her a lesson. The lighthearted banter between the two is another touch of Hitch's to throw us off and then bring us back to the main story line. The soundtrack is pure genius by Hitch, because it makes the bird
  4. The music is so startling to me. The high pitch sound of the strings. It truly makes one feel nervous, and invokes great anxiety. There are skewed lines in the title sequence, to announce the cast, showing us that for now everything might seem to be fine. But when we look closer, as the story develops, there is a feeling that something is not right, or has broken down. Then as we enter the opening scene through the blinds, it reminds me of the voyeuristic nature of Rear Window. As the story progresses in PSYCHO and Norman Bates character is revealed as the voyeur; looking at Marion
  5. To me Eva Marie Saint is more in control of the scene. She is the perfect Hitchcock blonde, very sexy and a spy. There is immediate attraction between the two characters and the dialogue is subtle yet very suggestive. Cary Grant ever the movie star, his eyes first masked behind sunglasses. As they become more familiar and comfortable with each other, the glasses come off and their sexual banter,going back and forth becomes more intense. When he offers to lite her cigarette, she draws him in and touches his hand to blow out the match, you can just feel the attraction. The mu
  6. The mood is so intense. Dizziness sets in, catching you off guard. The swirling of the graphics puts you in a trance. The close up of the eye, made me feel panicky, and fearful. The intense red color, obviously reminds me of blood. I believe this film will be one of mystery, intrigue, and murder. The music is magnificently BOLD! The music and the graphics work well together to make us feel like we have been swept off our feet. We know this film will definitely hold our attention. The on location shooting lends authenticity and excitement to the film. The uneasiness of San
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