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  1. I think it would be really interesting to have Alfred Hitchcock work with Danny Elfman on the scores to some films.
  2. 1) The lodger started with a scream, whereas Frenzy starts with a panorama, then closes in on a speech before that body is seen, and there is no scream. 2) There is the incoming closeup and the ramping up of the speech before we see the body. Hitch is in the scene. Then there is the POV of the crowd as we see the body. 3) Hitchcock gets us into the meat of the story very early. There is no beating around the bush, meeting the characters, we are immediately thrust into the action.
  3. 1) Marnie appears to be a very focused woman, knowing exactly what she wants to do and how to do it. She has obviously come upon a large amount of money, probably illegally and this requires an identity change which, according to her SSN cards, she has been prepared for. 2) Hermann has set us with a suspenseful theme that will echo Marnie's personality throughout the film. 3) I did not really like Hitchcock's cameo in this film, it started out okay, but when he looks back at the camera, it is just wrong.
  4. 1) The scene provides a romantic comedy beginning, when we have the mistaken identity by Rod Taylor of Tipi Hedron as the storekeeper. She does not come across as a storekeeper, but a woman of means, but lacking any knowledge of her trade. Rod Taylor picks up on this immediately and begins his flirtation with the impostor. 2) The sound of the birds before we enter the store is a lot more obvious than we truly encounter in reality, but the movie is called the Birds and the sounds pick up on this as the major theme of the movie. As we move into the store, the sounds become calmer and more in
  5. 1) I found the opening sequence and music quite "schizophrenic" which will develop the mood for the movie. 2) The opening sequence in specifying the day and time provides immediate insight on the actions of the couple, how they are spending working hours tending to their personal needs, which are supposed to be secretive, but Hitch allows us to sneak in through the window blinds. I find this scene has some similarities with Rear Window as it acting a little like Jeff's peeping tom escapades, only we are the peeping tom this time. 3) Marion is a rebel. Although, unknown to the viewer at
  6. !) We are used to Cary Grant playing the debonair leading man who a woman could fawn over, and Eva Marie Saint is, well, stunning, so you expect the flirtation and the double entendre. 2) If there was any doubt in Eve's belief of who he was, it is now confirmed, however, we cannot assume she knows it is not Kaplan (Although this is revealed later) because, as yet, we do not who she is. 3) The railway rumble is constant throughout the scene and the music is "dining room" mello!
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