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  1. I used to be able to save my favorite TCM Intros to a playlist, but something has changed and the SAVE is no longer available! In fact, it’s grayed out and if you click gives you a comments not available at the bottom and asks you to find outwhywhich when clucked takes you to a Google page! Whats going on this is so frustrating since I love to save those clips! Did TCM request this?
  2. can someone tell me who the sender was? i got nothing! ?
  3. Yes but Star is Born was 1954 and they should have kept what they cut. It was stupid and they for all intents and purposes ruined the continuity. It was disrespectful to Cukor IMHO.
  4. Yay! Thanks Dr. Edwards!!?? It’s a swell birthday gift for me! ?
  5. Btw... A Star Is Born is an example of the downside of the studio system. Why they didn’t keep a complete roadshow edition I’ll never know! Another example was Touch Of Evil but luckily they kept the footage and had all Orson Welles notes so its been fully restored!
  6. If you buy or rent A Star is Born you will get a real treat! As one of the extras, there are multiple takes of Garland performing The Man Who Got Away which IMHO is one of the best if not the best filmed vocal performance! Just watch Garland emote its truly amazing! What a great loss to music and film!
  7. My thanks as well! Its terrific that they took on this task along with all their other proffessorial responsibilities!
  8. I agree I love these courses and wish Musicals had been longer - it was alot to cover in 4 weeks but then its a big committment. Just a note regarding The Harvey Girls, in Philadelphia on Broad Street Center City was the Harvey House which I frequented in my teens and 20s. They had wonderful food and service. It was a great place to go after the theatre or a film. In those days, all the big film releases were released to the big show houses in Philly. The Harvey House was a really nice cozy place to eat. Also loved their late night breakfasts! Now people pay ridiculous amounts for meals
  9. Are you getting any of my emails through Canvas? Should I be just posting here?

  10. i had the same problem with Hitchcock so never bought one

  11. more info on Nixon, Warner and the show.....and supporting what was discussed during the last week..... Heated Debate About 'Cool' Cut President Nixon hated a song in '1776.' Producer Jack L, Warner cut it rom the film, but that's not the end of the story. September 07, 2001|FERDINAND LEWIS | SPECIAL TO THE TIMES In the musical "1776," the song "Cool, Cool, Considerate Men" depicts Revolutionary War era conservatives as power-hungry wheedlers focused on maintaining wealth. So it's not surprising that then-President Richard Nixon, who saw the show at a special White House pe
  12. you tweet or email Dr Edwards because if you took the courses the materials should be available. its a problem that should be looked at and solved. your only prob will be getting Edwards to respond. ive had little luck but then im one of many.
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