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  1. Thanks to jazman-6 of the IMDb "I Need to Know" forum, I've learned that the music is by Mark Isham: {font:Verdana, Arial, sans-serif} {font} Thanks, everyone!
  2. Over the first 34 seconds or so, right you are. Do you know about the electronic music that starts at about 35 seconds into the trailer?
  3. Hi there. I have a question about a trailer for the film Out of Africa. I know that trailers were/are made so early in production that they often contain different takes and soundtracks written for other projects, so it is fun, especially if one is familiar with the movie, to look at them (and listen to them) carefully. Viewing this trailer, I find that the music used in the un-narrated part of it (evidently before John Barry's sumptuous score had been completed) is very familiar to me. Can anyone tell me whether it ended up in the soundtrack of another movie? http://www.youtube
  4. Of course, these gentlemen could fly even without the airplane!
  5. Little Waldo! This adorable pup also appeared in Shall We Dance, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The Sky's the Limit, and the Kay Kyser version of My Favorite Spy. Would love to establish an IMDb page for him.
  6. That was supposed to be in reply to the picture of John Payne and Natalie Wood, Mongo. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but as I reply, the photo is not being included in the Reply. (So much for my attempt at humor!)
  7. I believe, I believe... it's silly, but I believe.
  8. Joe and Lynn, I'm sure this photo was taken in 1954, not 1945, so perhaps the writer of the article transposed his numbers. The photo appears in "Brass Button Broadcasters: A Lighthearted Look at 50 Yeas of Military Broadcasting," by Trent Christman, and this is the caption: "With the war over and budgest being slashed, and with Hollywood stars still patriotic but not anxious to donate valuable talents, AFRTS cleverly got around the problem by covering the many events such as movie premieres at which stars gathered. Many of these assignments went to Jack Brown. Here, nattily attired i
  9. I didn't mean to imply that Gene Kelly is unknown for his partner dances with females--"Our Love is Here to Stay" and the fountain dance from the ballet at the end of An American in Paris are great favorites of mine. I just think that people tend to visualize Astaire as half of a partnership more often, mainly because he is associated with Ginger Rogers. Crosby wins the girl in Holiday Inn and Blue Skies because he was the bigger star at Paramount, where those pictures were made, but Astaire is the leading man in eight additional films after Blue Skies (after which he made an attempt to r
  10. My take on Astaire's unusual sex appeal: http://brattleblog.brattlefilm.org/?p=402
  11. What fun, Mongo! But even better was that your adorable puppet video led me to your intro and outro on TCM, which I had missed during a crazy summer. You did a great job of talking about Double Indemnity and your wonderful role on these boards. Thanks for everything. Chris
  12. Warmest thanks. I will mail this to Mr. Tabesh right away.
  13. Well... I hope you are right, markfp2. I'll give it a try. Dear TCM programmer, I wrote a letter a few years ago to George Feltenstein because I had understood that he and Warner Home Video were working to restore and release The Sky?s the Limit (TSTL). I had discovered that TCM shows a print that is missing some dialogue and has other jumps in it, and I wanted him to be sure to use a different print. The version of the film that was put on a commercial videotape by Turner Home Video (I think in 1999) does not have the missing footage problems. Last year I co-chaired a conference
  14. Dear TCMWebAdmin: I would like to let TCM know that they are not running the best available print of a film. Who exactly would I direct such a letter or e-mail to? Thanks very much.
  15. This didn't ring any bells with me, but you might try going to DB HOME beneath the banner at the top of this page, and doing a search for "gypsy" or "gypsies" and seeing what the keyword list brings up.
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