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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else see the outline of a women's head in the freeze frame of the daily dose video. The rocks and water form a perfect silhouette of a womens head, maybe Rebecca?
  2. What causes pip in poultry? I greatly enjoyed this film over "The Man Who Knew Too Much" I had to go back an watch the subtitles to understand the crowd lines. Does anyone know what the lighted number sign is for in this scene? It's above the orchestra. And whats with that crying kid? What an elaborate studio scene with the waterfall! That had to bust the budget! One special effect that stood out to me is the rather seemless transition from the interior of the car to the exterior road shot.
  3. yeah, take a look at photos of fans at baseball games in those days, most men in suit and tie!
  4. I just have a few observations about "The Lodger" after viewing it this evening. First, the version on YT seems to be a much better quality transfer than the one on archive.org (the one I watched). The YT sound track seemed to be better also. But, I was intrigued by the use of the color tints for the different scenes, which is not present on the YT versions. I'd be curious if this was original. Another scene which struck me was the footstep scene, showing the Lodger pacing in his room. Obviously shot under glass to show the soles of his shoes (German influence?). Come to think of it, thi
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