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  1. I remember a film that fits, I think, but I don't remember the title either. Clark Gable played the male lead, who purchased the young woman and installed her as his mistress in his New Orleans home. She was engaged to be married to a Northener prior to this. She was refered to by the other slaves as being 'high yellow', which is an actual historical reference to someone who could pass-or come real close to passing-as white. Hope this helps. Leigh
  2. I remember that Carol Burnett spoof, and it was on the film "Rebecca". Leigh
  3. A recent film is "The Matchstick Men (Man?)" With John Cage. I thought it was really good, with an interesting twist to it. Leigh
  4. Does anyone know how many versions have been done of Joan of Arc? I'm looking for basic info--title, year, director and main actress (Joan) name. Thanks in advance. Leigh
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. Many years ago, I came across a reference book that listed movies made from literary sources, such as short stories, novels, published plays and even poems. It gave basic film info and also bib info for the literary source. But I can't remember the title of the book or authors name. Does anyone know anything about it? Any help would be appreciated. Leigh
  6. TCM Programmer-- Does TCM offer internships to college students? I know many TV networks and also production companies do. It's not an apprenticeship, or a permanent position, but it would be a great opportunity for young people-and they would get college credit for it as well as some practical experience. Internships normally run one semister for undergrads, and one academic year (9 months) for graduate students. Leigh
  7. I saw this many years ago, on late night TV. B&W, foreign film, either British or French but in English. I think it may have been made in late 1950's-early 60's. It was a Drama. About all I remember is this one scene where the young main character-a girl about 13 or 14-has been convinced that she is insane, and runs out of a house hysterical, across a field (?) to a madhouse, where she pulls the iron gates closed behind her. A man runs after her and catches up with her just as she closes the gates. I think he is trying to convince her she is NOT crazy. I'm pretty sure the movie wa
  8. Sorry, but which version of the Thomas Crown Affair? The original with Steve McQueen, or the re-make with Pierce Brosnan? Leigh
  9. Is the movie you are thinking of a western? I can't remember who the female lead was, but it was the only western Bogart ever made. And a good thing too. It was horrible. Sorry, I can't remember the title. Leigh
  10. This sounds alot like a Peter O'Toole film, made in the early 70's (?), only it was set on the S. American coast, instead of either the European or Pacific theatres. Possibly a re-make? Does anyone know? Leigh
  11. EEK! You answered one of my questions before I even posted it! That's wild. I remember that film-Mitchum plays a con artist in 1950's-60's Africa, has an elephant, right? I thought the titled was Mister Moses but couldn't remember for certain. I only saw it once yeeears ago. I too would like to get the dvd. Leigh
  12. I remember the TV movie also. I think it was a mini-series, actually? David McCallum also played in it, the troubled, semi-evil doctor who is young Frankensteins mentor and partner-in-crime, who ends up supplying the brain. Leigh
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