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  1. I'm so glad TCM finally aired this, as the last broadcast of it (that I'm aware of) in the U.S. was over a decade ago on AMC (back before commercial breaks and other garbage). What a great movie, hilarious as all get out... much like Li'l Abner crossed with The Addams Family. Given that the film got a great reaction (from a crowded house) at the TCM Classic Film Festival, and so much high praise here (and elsewhere), I think it is imperative that MURDER HE SAYS becomes a solo TCM Vault Collection DVD title (a pressed disc, _not_ MOD DVD-R) a.s.a.p., like last year's REMEMBER THE NIGHT.
  2. I believe the film you're looking for is actually *THE FLAME BARRIER* (1958). It doesn't star Marshall Thompson, but does feature another of the usual suspects of 1950s Hollywood sci-fi flicks, Arthur Franz. It's a very rare film these days (it's not available on legit VHS or DVD). I saw it once, on the TNT network, back in the early 1990s (when the channel bore a closer resemblance to TCM than it does now). Franz and company search for a missing satellite, which crash-landed somewhere in the Central American jungle. When they find it, it is engulfed by a gelatinous blob, which disintegrates (
  3. That scene in THE PROFESSIONALS is optically censored in the exact same way on the DVD release, and the 1991 widescreen laserdisc release (released by Pioneer), both of which I own. Likely it was done back in 1966 by Columbia, or shortly thereafter.
  4. Here are 30 films I've been wanting to see on TCM for years: THE CRIMINAL CODE (1931) Columbia, via Sony TERROR ABOARD (1933) Paramount, via Universal THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (1934) United Artists/Eagle-Lion, via MGM DIAMOND JIM (1935) Paramount, via Universal EASY LIVING (1937) Paramount, via Universal REMEMBER THE NIGHT (1940) Paramount, via Universal AMONG THE LIVING (1941) Paramount, via Universal THE FACE BEHIND THE MASK (1941) Columbia, via Sony LADIES IN RETIREMENT (1941) Columbia, via Sony MURDER HE SAYS (1945) Paramount, via Universal THE CLAY PIGEON (1949) RKO, via WB
  5. Since I'm sure you're already aware of the two 1960s sequels to THE IPCRESS FILE, which are FUNERAL IN BERLIN (1966) and BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN (1967), I'd try seeking out the rather obscure DANGER ROUTE (1968), starring Richard Johnson. Around the same time, Johnson had starred in a couple of campy, 007-ish updates of the "Bulldog Drummond" character, in DEADLIER THAN THE MALE and SOME GIRLS DO, but DANGER ROUTE has him playing a more gritty, realistic agent, with no gadgets, and is more along the lines of IPCRESS or FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. A great little forgotten spy flick. I'd also ta
  6. Though, so far, I haven't posted any 2005 requests in this thread, I'd like to thank TCM for scheduling in May and June a few films I've been very keen on seeing for several years now: THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES (1961) May MR. ARKADIN (1955) May F IS FOR FAKE (1976) May NO BLADE OF GRASS (1970) June THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (1929) June And also a big thank you for recently adding THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES to your line-up. That was one I had been seeking for years! Great film! I wish TCM would draw more from Warner's Lorimar/Allied Artists holdings. We occasionally see THE HOUSE ON HAUN
  7. That movie was CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE (1944, RKO), directed by Robert Wise. It was sort of a sequel to the horror/suspense classic, CAT PEOPLE (1942), with that film's main character (played by Simone Simon) returning as the little girl's mother/imaginary friend, but no one turns into big cats in this installment, despite the title. TCM airs CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE every now and then, but it isn't scheduled for broadcast in the next couple of months, alas.
  8. Sad news, I always liked Fay Wray. At least she lived a long, full life. Will TCM be pre-empting scheduled programming within the next few days, to air a Fay Wray film festival, in tribute to this great lady? It would seem most appropriate, especially since many of her top films are part of TCM's library.
  9. I'm late to this discussion, I know, but I'd like to chime in to support greeneman317's idea. A similar notion has been running through my mind for quite awhile now. I'd actually like such a program to cast the net wider, incorporating sci-fi, horror and fantasy films, along with some general cult/drive-in items (FREAKS, HOT RODS TO HELL, 1960s spy flicks, SOULS FOR SALE, etc), from the silent era through the early 1970s. Several years ago, TCM's sister network, TNT, had a couple of movie showcases very similar to what we're talking about: "Monstervision" (prior to when it was hosted by "J
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