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  1. 1. How does Hitchcock use montage or expressive editing to add vitality and rhythm to this scene? - The pace of the dancers becomes more lively and excited as the tension of the triangulation of Jack, Mabel and Bob's relationship builds. - The spinning circles of the vinyl record are superimposed on Jack's head, which makes it seems like the cogs of his mind are spinning out of control! - There is a theme of excess and excitement throughout the party sequence, such as the dancers being framed by yet more activity from the dancing spectators, some of the audience having to fan the dancers t
  2. 1. Compare the opening of The Lodger to the opening of The Pleasure Garden - what similarities and differences do you see between the two films? Similarities: In both films, the opening shows that a woman is duped (in The Pleasure Garden, Jill has something stolen from her purse; in The Lodger, the eye witness believes she sees 'The Avenger' in the reflection of the refreshment stand (?) but it is someone playing a trick). The opening of the two films are both concerned with the theme of exposure and vulnerability. Differences: whereas The Pleasure Garden focuses on particular characters
  3. 1. Do you see the beginnings of the "Hitchcock touch" in this sequence? Please provide specific examples. -The use of duplicity is evident here, even in simple imagery, such as the false curl of hair. Mostly notably, the character of Jill arrives as a seemingly vulnerable individual, but later (in the film) emerges with an ability to manipulate situations to her advantage. -Hitchcock's use of shadow also plays a role throughout this opening scene. -As previously mentioned, the action relating to the monocled man sets the tone of voyeurism and this opening sequence shows Hitchcock's unders
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