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  1. HI buckydjb, say, how come you didn't include James Dean, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in the runner up list ? That trio ain't exactly Hollwyood chopped livah ..er..liver (hehe) . Gene Kelly 4 ever !!! (i'm singin' in the rain ....)
  2. Gee whiz..gosh who knew Rupert Murdoch was such a huge Marilyn fan , he practically ownes all of her movies ! *wink* g'day mate :-)
  3. Hey TCM programming meister, thanks for the reply oh and I'm sorry for coming off so hot and bothered but Marilyn holds a special place in my heart *R.I.P NGB* thing is , I do not subscribe to the Fox movie channel. ,but ... then again I don't get the Fox news channel either. coincidence? go figure. hehe .
  4. earth to TCM?!?! hello?!?! The month of August happens to be 31 days long , for 31 days in a row TCM showing a daily movie-thon featuring 31 of Hollywood's golden era's hottest male and female stars. Unfortunatly, sweet Marilyn Monroe is NOWHERE ( and I mean absolutely NOWHERE!?!) to be found on TCM's schdeule for the entire month of August !! this is a travesty ! TCM has dissed Norma Geane! how rude ! (and oh so SAD ! ) heck it's downright scandalous!!!! sure, we all know Charlton Heston got the shaft too but he's a card carying member of the NRA so I don't blame 'em for ign
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