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  1. In what ways does this opening scene seem more appropriate to a romantic comedy than a “horror of the apocalypse” film? What do we learn about Melanie (Tippi Hedren) and Mitch (Rod Taylor) in this scene? We learn that Tippi has been in this shop many times and though she may look sophisticated and mature, she is not above playful tricks (maybe like the trick Hitchcock is playing on us as he leads us to believe this is going to be a screwball comedy type movie). We learn that Mitch is a sweetie who is buying a very thoughtful birthday gift, but his mind can be changed by a beautiful blonde.
  2. Psycho opens with title design by Saul Bass and music by Bernard Herrmann. This is their third collaboration for Hitchcock, including Vertigo and North by Northwest. How does the graphic design and the score introduce the main themes of this film? The lines and words of the title design come together and then break apart which foreshadow the coming together and breaking apart of both the young lovers and mother and son. The intense sounds of the strings create tension in the audience in much the same way the gothic styling of the mansion and stormy night foreshadow something horrible is going
  3. The scene is humorous in a sexy way. For example, the line “I look vaguely familiar.” is funny because we know they are both famous stars that are recognized wherever they go. The humor as understatement continues as she compliments his good looks. Then there is the innuendo - you are what type - that type and we all think “fast” while the auditors hear “honest” and when she denies it and he said he is glad because honest women are frightening, the keepers of the moral code should find that statement more objectionable than if she had said the other. I think of me trying to get my parents to l
  4. Until today, I just saw the opening credits as safe time to be getting popcorn. Last night my husband and I watched a movie at home together; he kept insisting I sit down and watch - because according to him, it mattered. I, in ignorant bliss, asked him not to to pause it because I would be back before it starts. Another way this class has changed my viewing habit is now I want to take notes as I watch. So I had my tablet out and was trying to record (via voice to text) my impressions. Hubbie found both the lit tablet screen and my whispering so annoying, I desisted. I couldn’t wait for t
  5. I find the topic of watching movies at different ages similar to reading novels at different ages. As a high school literature teacher and starting this fall, a high school film studies teacher, I would appreciate more comments on this topic in the hopes that it will help me help my students.
  6. I second your comments regarding being oblivious to the nuances of the opening credits. Last year I became the yearbook advisor for my high school - no one else wanted the job so my lack of any qualifications was not an issue - and one of my first tasks was to work with my editors (this was also their first year) to choose font, colors, theme, folios, cover design, etc. that would have meaning and unite the yearbook. Previously in my life, I had never considered any aspect of how these elements impact readers; therefore, I struggled on how to advise my editors so as to help them make meaningfu
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