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  1. It is a mix of lovely and cruel music. Sometimes it feels a little bit romantic. But suddenly it is dangerous. The film could be about a woman, who doesn´t know what to do in her life. The most powerful image, is when she widenes the eye , shortly before the lissajous figures start. It fears me a bit. Is it good, if i can see into her mind? In a way it feels like the music also makes curves -cooperating the image. like it is a dance.
  2. First we are subjective to Alice, when she is in the phone cell and there is no noise, while the door is closed. There we hear what she is hearing -or not hearing. When she is sitting at the table, the monolog from the woman becomes vague, except the word "knife". and that word becomes louder and louder. When she finally sits back at the table, i don´t really listen to what the woman says, but looking for Alice and what she will doing. Then the door bell rings in an specific way and i know, that is important. It´s like a silent film to watch, but with elements on the right place to hear.
  3. The POV is like i am the person, and like i am in the room. I loose control over the scene, and have just the information or view of the person, who i am for this while. So it makes it more interesting, what happens next. It gives the scene an extra level. Not just watching, but feeling the story. I just know the clips from the course, not the films. A connection i ´ve seen is the montage, when she tells what -in her story- has happened. And the great expressions on the faces. the reactions between the persons, for example, when Roddy sees Mabel the first time, or when he looks for help
  4. The mirror shows the two worlds. his wife´s fun-world, and his business-world. A little bit is the dancing scene like a boxing scene, because the ladys are in the middle and they are two and when they need a break, they become help and cooling with towels. The more fun they have, the more they loose control, or it looks like we-the watcher- looses control, because of the montage effects. And as much more the pary people have fun, Jack couldn´t concentrate, heat up at the overlay of Jacks wife during his boss is speeking, which shows his thoughts. The short scene, when his wife stop
  5. Similar is that you don´t know where you are by seeing the first pictures. And just after that you can realize the place around. The music is very important for carrying emotions. I like the scene with the car very much, where we can look through the front window -like a point of view. And before, the scene of the two man sitting in the car, which looks like spectacles. The end of the clip was interesting, too. Because it looks like a nearly modern digital type. The scream is filmed diagonally, and as near as possible, so you can see the mouth and the frightened eyes. I don´t kno
  6. I like the view of the monocle, the great humor (woman sleeping, smoking prohibited, the scene with the curl...), and that there are so much to see around. The spiral reminds me of vertigo, the monocle-view of rear window. So i agree, that there is much of the later Hitchcock to see. I don´t miss dialogue, because the music and the characters are so well done. It was great to watch, and to figure out, what is going to be next. And it worked well with this little text. I´m happy to have seen this, because, i don´t think, i have looked this film without this course.
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