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  1. I just had this issue tonight. It took a half-dozen attempts and about an hour to figure it out: TCM has several sign-ons. The first one I Completed said "Profile" -- and I'm sure it takes me to some very wonderful, exotic places on tcm.com ------ but it did NOT get me onto the Bulletin Boards. That was a separate registration and log in. Yeah - I don't think it makes much sense,.... but - after a half-dozen attempts to change my Password and/or re-register , then, carefully watching the URL info for the connection I came up with from tcm.com vs the connection from the learn.canvas (Hit
  2. I appreciate this class so much - including this online board/forum, so I can learn from others!! My reflections: 2) ID elements of Hitchcock's style -- well, taking note that the lecture said his style is an a-la-carte of German Expressionism, Russian Formalist something-or-other, and American something-or-other, I looked for these elements. I couldn't get a good sense of what Russian Formalist Montag (sounded out -- ?) was, nor the American stuff ------ but the lecture had good explanation of German Expressionism (fatalism, and use of technology over people/actors -- e.g., creating a s
  3. This is my first foray into .... all of this! online learning, film studies, group forums. Could people please keep in mind what the organizers said early on -- people of all kinds of backgrounds are participating. If you're going to reference something, please define it. For instance, in this post -- what the Hk is a "Kuleshov Effect"? It's real easy -- you simply type up your strange reference, followed by a comma which quickly and briefly summarizes what you're talking about. So, let's assume the Kuleshov Effect is the lighting issues in the film - you would simply say "the use of Kul
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