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  1. To be clear: we have no problem with the price we pay for TCM. The larger issue for us is that we are not willing to support the NFL and its policies regarding abusers. If TCM offered a live a-la-carte service that was $50 a month we would sign up for it and stop paying the $140 or so per month for TV programming. The only other channel we watch regularly is PBS and we have two PBS stations over-the-air plus the PBS streaming service.
  2. FYI - if I had a package that included TCM and then TCM was removed then I could cancel my service without paying an early termination fee because that contract became invalid once the package was modified. (This is not intended as legal advice but rather just a point about contracts.) Apparently Comcast is rolling this terrible policy out across the country gradually -- probably in order to try and avoid the backlash if rolled-out nationwide. Yesterday (in Atlanta) I was forced to add the terrible "sports entertainment package" in order to continue with TCM. As TCM was literally the
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