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  1. I start work at 8:30AM and live about ten minutes away from my office. My wife and daughters leave for work and school by 7:30AM so that gives me about 45 minutes to dress and catch TCM. I cannot tell you the number of times I get so engrossed in a film that I barely get out of the house by 8.20 and have to motor to get to work. LOL. There is nothing better on tv than commercial free classic movies.
  2. I would bring back Lou Costello. The man died much too young and had a lot to offer as a solo act. My only condition would be to bring him back in good health so he could do the pratfalls he loved so much.
  3. My favorite film is The Maltese Falcon followed by Dark Passage. The Falcon is so riveting it is hard to believe that most of it takes place in a small apartment. Bogart is wonderful as usual and the supporting performances are great. Bogart and Bacall have such chemistry in Dark Passage that it is a joy to watch. Casablanca is fine also but not my favorite Bogart film.
  4. I have really enjoyed the festival so far. The Abbott and Costello, Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields and Laurel and Hardy films are my favorites. To see these movies again without commercials is such a treat.
  5. Let me first say that TCM is fabulous! Watching all these great movies without commercials is a real treat. I wonder if TCM will be showing some of the Joe McDokes shorts?
  6. I have always found this to be a good, Laurel and Hardy feature film. Now that we have had an Abbott and Costello martathon,( which I enjoyed)when will we see a Laurel and Hardy marathon with films such as : Way Out West, A Chump at Oxford, Sons of the Desert, The Bullfighters and Dancing Masters? Thank You.
  7. I was home sick yesterday and I thorougholy enjoyed all the Edward G. Robinson fims that were broadcast. I had watched some of his movies in the past, but yesterday 08/18/04 was great.
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